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How do you do time dilation?

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We've had a few threads on the topic, but they're very few and far between.


Chronostasis Time Dilation

Willful real-life time dilation using tulpa

Have you time dilated?


It's such an interesting phenomenon, isn't it?

A mother driving a car with her kid in the backseat is about to have an accident, and suddenly everything slows down, and she's able to react in time.


Thing is, it's also possible the other way around; as a kid I sometimes had this weird thing where everything would happen faster, I couldn't even understand people talk anymore!

And after a while I would get really sick or pass out.

Makes me wonder if that opposite of intentional time dilation can be achieved of one's own accord, especially with a tulpa... and if it could have any practical uses, even?

It's such an interesting phenomenon, and such a weird one at that!


... argh, sorry.

The (off-)topic really gripped me for a moment, and I felt like mentioning and pondering it for a moment.





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I have had ample time dialation. I have no idea what could cause it exept for increased brain activity and simply believing that time is moving at a certain rate.

Consider this: you are floating down a stream. You have no real control over the flow of the river. But why does the river flow? Because somthing is making it flow. You know there is a body of water where the stream originates, and you know there must be a large body of water where it ends.


How would you slow the stream?

How would you swim up stream?

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