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LGBT Tulpamancers


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Oh, this is nice.

1. What is your sexuality?

I am asexual - cupiosexual, more specifically - but I do experience romantic attraction. I don't have a label for how I experience romantic attraction, as most terms come into a conflict with my gender identity, but let's just say my attraction is not limited by gender.

2. What is your gender?

Complicated. The simple answer? I'm a trans man, and also non-binary. The complex answer is... way too long to get into here. I use he/him pronouns, though.


3. Is your sexuality/gender important to you?

It is. I'm very engaged with the LGBT+ community and understanding my own gender has been a major part of my growth in the past few years of my life.


4. Are any of your tulpas LGBT+?

Yes. Tel is a bisexual cis man, as far as a shapeshifting deer person can be cis.

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Terry | he/him, host; conlanger, writer and artist; likes all things cuddly and glittery
Tel | he/him, tulpa; programmer and local rubik's cube enthusiast; cleverest deer-man in the world

progress report ⭑ system art thread


Capricornus is one of the constellations of the zodiac.
It is commonly represented in the form of a sea goat: a mythical creature that is half goat, half fish.

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Oh, time for an update post. Rather do a new one than update the old, I hope that's alright with everyone : P


1. What is your sexuality?

- I am asexual, demiromantic "lesbian"


2. What is your gender?

- agender 


3. Is your sexuality/ gender important to you?

- sexuality, no. Used to be very anxious about it all but now I've embraced the fact that I'll most likely be forever single, so it doesn't really matter one way or the other.

Gender is important as something I recognize in myself but not outwardly, I don't mind being perceived as female. 


4. Are any of your tulpas LGBT+?

- Desmond is a gay dude. His sexuality and gender are very important to him as parts of his identity.

- L is a biromantic demisexual man. He's pretty chill about it and doesn't think about it a lot since he's already committed to Desmond.

- Nevira is a pansexual woman. She seems to slightly prefer women, but overall gender doesn't matter to her. She doesn't think about her sexuality much.

- Misa is an aromantic asexual girl.

(- Roska might be our head's only cishet, male, will update this later probably if things change lol)

- Danyla is a demiboy, too early to say what their preferences will be but I'm feeling like they'll probably like men later on, just getting that kinda vibes. Will update this too later probably.

Edited by CM

Iro - He/they - 30th April 1997 - Host of the system - Speaker if there's no tag

Desmond - He/him - 21st April 2014

L - He/him - 5th May 2014

Nevira - She/her - 14th December 2014

Misa - She/her - 5th December 2015

Roska - He/him - 22nd July 2019

Danyla - They/them - 13th July 2020

Asha - He/him - 13th June 2022

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Guest DragonChan0

1. Bisexual

2. Female (i the host was born female)

3. Very important

4. H is bisexual and Todd is straight 

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1. i am biromantic

2. FtM transgender (trans male)

3. my sexuality doesn't matter to me much at all, but my gender does

4. Dr. Wee is MtF transgender (trans female) and bisexual 

wisp is lesbian

and sunny is aroace

the onyx system key:


Samuel - Host

Dr. Wee - 11/25/20

Wisp - 12/??/20

Katie - 1/6/21

Sunny - 2/9/21

Izzy - 4/14/21

Freddy - 1/2/22


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1. Omnisexual maybe? But I prefer women

2. It's complicated, I don't really get the concept of gender but I'm fine with she/her pronouns (which are my assigned pronouns) so I guess cis female? Maybe demi-girl

3. Not exactly, but I like pride flags and shirts and stuff

4. Yeah, she's fully aro and ace.


I don't really care about the label, I use pan, bi, polysexual, etc interchangeably.

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May as well throw this out there. It is also relevant to mention that I am presently in a romantic, sexual relationship with my tulpa, Mika.


1. Bisexual. Or perhaps Pansexual. Though I am not attracted only to the two genders, the reason I use the former mostly rather than the latter is the sense that forms of expressed gender are still important to how my brain decides if it is attracted to someone (even if their presentation is transgressive in some way.) I am also nominally polyamorous, but with little interest in pursuing such.

2. Male, and cis.

3. My sexuality is important to me. I consider it a part of my identity in the same way that all of my likes and dislikes are - though it isn't the biggest thing in the world to me.
Both my gender, and indeed my actual sex, is not however. I would much rather upload my mind to a machine and be done with this flawed meat-puppet, as well as all the associated cultural baggage of the thing.

4. Mika is a cis-male, and they have previously said they are bisexual/pansexual/homosexual at various points - at the moment they identify as tentatively pansexual. They do however, lean very heavily towards being homoromantic, and have very little interest outside their sexuality for those who present as female, with a few exceptions. Mika is also notably not poly.

Zen - Host.

Mika - Tulpa. The eldest, and a homegrown tupper made with tulpamancy.

Rhys - Tulpa. Initially a Literary Thoughtform of my own creation.

Asterion - Tulpa. Literary, I suppose? Mythological egregore, maybe? He's The Minotaur.

If text is uncoloured, presume Zen is talking. We go by he/him.

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1. What is your sexuality?

Somewhere on the Ace spectrum. Demi/Grey? I haven't quite figured out the specifics. Heteroromantic, I guess (definitely not aromantic).


2. What is your gender?

Cis female.


3. Is your sexuality/ gender important to you?

Like, important how? I don't understand the question.


4. Are any of your tulpas LGBT+?

Me? A homosexual? No. 😂 (By which he means he finds the question hilarious, because he's about as heterosexual as they come.)

Doc (she/her) = Host

Franklyn (he/him) = Tulpa

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1. Basically pansexual or though to clarify I am basically fine with anyone but only if I can build trust first, which makes it very hard lmao.

2. I don't really associate with gender anymore but I have masculine mannerisms

3. To be honest I'm not really sure, but currently there is nothing going on for me to need to worry about it.

4. well... I'm not sure if my 'Tulpa' is an actual tulpa or a ghost cause I'm that kind of believer. But Sasha hasn't said anything much about, but based off her actions I'd say she's probably either demisexual or pansexual. 


If any clarification is needed please let me know and I'll try and respond as soon as I can.

S: = Sasha

Aly: = Alyssu

Hada: = Hadayaki

Z: = Zakiel

A: = Alex

Zen: = Zen

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