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Slipper's Art Thread


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Maya and I would love it if you could draw her. Below I have quoted some references that I posted for someone else. Sorry if it is too chaotic for you.



Here are Maya's references:


Her face is something like this:










The irises of her eyes glow blue. Her eyes are fairly large.


The first image is probably closest to the shape of her chin.


Her hair is black, and mid-thigh length. Unlike the above pictures, she does not have a fringe. Her hair is not shorter at the front. In shape, her hair is something like this:




But obviously it is longer, as decribed above. The way her hair falls around her face is shown in the picture of the dress, below. The face in that picture is also similar in some ways.


In some of the pictures above, the angle is such that the prominence of the top lip is not as evident as it should be. Maya has a fairly prominent top lip, as she has a slight overbite.


Maya's figure looks something like this:




The dress we would like her to be wearing is this:




The dress is supposed to be green, as that is her favourite colour. I'm not sure that is clear from the image.


Maya almost always wears bare feet.


Edit: Maya is 5'1" in height.


If these references are not good for you, let me know, I will try to do better.


If you are willing to take this on, thank you. If not, I totally understand, thank you for your time in considering it.


Your art is great, by the way, I love your style.

Good luck in all of your art adventures.

Akecalo - Host


Maya - Tulpa


Mara - Tulpa

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   Here, I had a lot of fun with this drawing!


Thank you so much, Amily loves it! :)

Host: Steel - a novice tulpamancer.

Tulpa: Amelia - a friendly, energetic knight.

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I'm going to be spending time with my family for the holidays, so I probably wont be uploading any drawings for a couple of days. You guys are welcome to keep dropping in requests though! :)

Slipper (cringelord host) and Mordecai (the brain gremlin).


Art Thread

Progress Report


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Hi, its an amazing thing that you are drawing other people's tulpas (btw sorry for bumping the thread :P) (I hope that you are still doing this)


Could you mind doing mine?



Her eyes are crying on that photo as I added them by an accident :P if you draw mine please make them not cry :p


Thanks a ton!

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Wow, gi! Круто, сказаю! If you wouldn't mind super hella trying your hand, with me that would be hella nice. So like, I'm'a anthro wolfess, yap, silvery grayish fur (it's changes a bit from time to time), black ram horns and blue eyes yap. And as for my clothes, pretty much anything goes, so long as it's black, or black c red. And in like any position you'd choose, I'm'a find myself in. Bipolar does that to you yap, changing what you pose like, day to day, yeye. And like totally feel hella free to flat up deny this because the fact that you're even doing this is such a reward for this community in itself. Good luck c everything and keep up the great work gi!

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