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Unintentional tulpas

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This is rather fascinating.


I'm a writer (not professionally :P) and a roleplayer, so I deal with characters a lot, but not usually to the extent where they form sentience. There was one point where I had a character that clearly decided herself to fall in love, but that was really the only strong sign of sentience I've gotten from a character. She certainly isn't a tulpa, however, but that could be because I don't want her to be.


I have heard somewhere that it's possible to unintentionally create a "religious tulpa", which is why some people believe they actually do hear the voice of God. (Forgive me if that sounds insensitive at all.)


I suppose it could also be possible to come up with the idea of tulpas yourself (which it doesn't sound like you did) and make one before you find out about them from exterior sources.


This sounds closest to my predicament that I have read so far. also, since there is a God hearing the voice of God isn't too far stretched. So far I have heard no logical argument on how this world would exist without a god.

Please assume everything I say on the subject of Tulpae as theory based off of information I have found on Tulpamany, since I do not have a Tulpa.

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So far I have heard no logical argument on how this world would exist without a god.


Well, let's not get into that, unless you all want to take this to off-topic.

"'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.'"

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