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Unintentional tulpas

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I figured the forums needed more posts, so I'll share my thoughts on this.

One thing that's always fascinated me about the subject of tulpas is the fact that often they're formed unintentionally.

In fact in some of the earlier threads we were having, we had people going

"Oh, so that's what it was called? A tulpa?"

Because they had formed one, one way or another, beforehand.


Remember, that a tulpa is, as I've said a couple times, a big ball of concentrated thought.

An imaginary friend, taken to the next level not only applies as a description, but also as a possible way of their formation.

If you keep concentrating on that friend of yours, the idea is that they'll become somewhat real to you, or if you're looking at this from a supernatural point of view, the energy of your attention/focus brings them into life as a separate being.

I've seen stories of people claiming to have created tulpas (usually without directly using the term) through trauma, loneliness, etc.

Of course the trauma thing leads me to a whole other discussion.


That aside, it's very interesting that there are so many ways to go about forming what we call a tulpa.

Personally, I think there are a whole world of possible approaches that we haven't even thought of.


Hearing the thoughts of others on this would be nice.

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I can only be the detailist ass that I am and ask you to pluralize it "tulpae."


I never made an unintentional tulpa, though, despite my lively imagination.

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According to my sister she has one. She thought it was our aborted baby brother's ghost or something. She said it just popped in one day as a shadow of a child and now talks to her just as a voice regularly, mainly to sooth her (She said she couldn't have gotten through life without it). She's had a couple traumatic events in her life so it makes sense. It's name is "Myself" for some reason.

Natural tulpae always seemed weird to me.

This hot empty painting should be locked and towed.

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According to Wiktionary, at least, I am correct in pluralizing it as "tulpas".


And that's pretty interesting, Charlotte.

It's good that it helped her through tough times.

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1) It is tulpae.


2) One of my friends said the same. He's had them for quite a while and the reason (I believe) is because he creates his characters with such depth. I wouldn't be surprised if he accidentally tulpaforced laying down in his bed :P.


He also manages to project them over his environment when he's 'playing war' (he has an extremely active imagination, and puts it to a lot of use). Lastly, they have independent personalities.


I tried saying something about this on the irc, but people just went "Hurr durr tulpa =/= schizophrenia". But the thing is, he doesn't have any of the symptoms really. They seem to think you can only create a tulpa if you've heard about them, and are intentionally putting the effort into it, which, given how varied the creation processes are, I don't believe to be true.

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I think its entirely possible to make a tulpa without meaning to. In fact, there was a girl in the irc named Lyexsah who made a tulpa unintentionally.

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There've been quite a few people I know who have made some on accident so it isn't surprising

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There is a term that I think fits the description of "unintentional tulpa", SoulBonds.


I don't think this term is as popular as it used to be, so for the uninformed, a soulbond is a character(your own, or one from some media), that you, the soulbonder, feel a deep connection with. The term was coined by a writers group to explain how their characters seemed to take a life of their own.


In the beginning, a soulbond didn't have to be "real", it could just be a fun and interesting thought experiment. However, the soulbonding community has since changed. The definition everyone goes by now is "another being (usually a fictional character) with whom you mentally interact, and in some cases share your body with"


Unlike tulpa makers(is there a better term for that?), most soulbonders don't like the idea of intentionally creating soulbonds. "forcing a bond" as they call it, supposedly has bad results, though I couldn't tell you what those would be. The consensus among the soulbonding community seems to be you don't get to go up to Sephiroth, and say "hey you, get in my brain". You have to either be chosen, or be lucky enough to have the character wander into your head.


Obviously it's a lot more spiritual than the stuff going on in here.

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(is there a better term for that?)

Hosts. There is another term, but it's a mixed bag about how people like it: tulpamancers.


People seem to like it because it's fancy, but people hate it because it sounds magical.

[Note: Opinions]

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I find hosts disgusting because it makes the tulpa look parasitic. My tulpae aren't really comfortable with it too. I usually go for "person with a tulpa" or "the individual". I'm not that concerned about conserving keystrokes that I'm going to use a word I don't like.


I've heard about that SoulBond stuff on 4chan. Kind of strikes me as a "special snowflake" deal, mostly because of the fact that people seem to think they have a personal bond with X character.

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