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Question about possession and switching

ghost kid

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I think the idea of having my own tulpa is cool and all and i think the idea of possession and switching is cool but i have some concerns.But what about my religion?I was baptized methodist and think it might make my parents mad.Or it might open doors up to demonic possession from demons.When i hear of tulpas taking possession of someone or someone switching with a tulpa it kind of sounds like what mediums do.And in the bible it says it's not good to do what mediums do.How is this different then mediumship?

Also i don't like the word host.That what parasites do.And the word tulpamancy.Sounds almost like the word necromancy.
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Tulpas aren't anything like demons. Read the guides and get more acquainted with the community, and you'll see for yourself how this is completely different.


However, I have a feeling you might be a little young to be doing this. Take this time to learn instead of rushing in to something like this, especially if you have this sort of mindset.

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Your religion is your own. You would have to decide how this would reflect on it. You don't have to tell you parents if you don't want to, or you could wait until you are on your own first.


As for demonic possession if you believe it to be real, it in theory is actually safer to have a tulpa than not as you then have multiple people resisting compared to only yourself.


The difference between mediums and tulpa is that mediums are communicating with the dead. A tulpa is created by you and is what some would call a "local spirit", it is not the spirit of someone who would have existed before. There do exist walk-ins but if they do come with memories in my experience its not anything similar to what a ghost would have.

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"Host" is also the word used for somebody in charge of throwing a party...



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