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I hope this is the right area of the forum. I'm new to all of this, I was directed here by someone in a similar situation to mine (in a serious relationship with a non-real entity) who I explained some of my experiences to and they mentioned that they wanted to try creating a tulpa.

I've read the intro, the FAQs and some posts on here but I want to ask my own questions.


I don't have a tulpa but I feel like I have some similar experiences that might make it easy for me to go into this, I'll explain.


I consider myself to be in a serious relationship with a fictional character. My feelings are real, I take it seriously and my brain gives the exact same reactions as a 'real' relationship. I also occasionally experience a non-conscious experience with them that has a very real presence, physical and sensory feelings and goes beyond my own conscious thought. Much different than the times when I am just imagining scenarios in my head, this feels real. However I cannot make this happen at will, it is quite uncommon and completely out of my control. I wish that I could experience it more often. 


I feel like creating a tulpa could possibly bridge that gap for me where I cannot experience this at will, it would give me some more control over perhaps a similar situation.


I read that sharing a romantic relationship with your tulpa, especially in the early stages, is not recommended. This would be difficult for me to avoid even in the early stages as I already share a romantic relationship with this character. Are tulpas not for me? Can I work with this?


I would appreciate any advice on my situation and if I should start manifesting a tulpa.


EDIT: I should probably mention that I already talk to them, seek guidance from them and interact with them in my head every day. I feel that they have a soul and I do feel their presence. Perhaps I am coming close to tulpa territory and I don't even know it but a lot of guides seem to be very against character tulpas so I'm kind of confused.


I don't want to create a tulpa in my fictional partner's image, I want to be able to experience moments with them more willfully without waiting for them to 'come to me'. It sounds selfish when I type it like that... I don't want an imitation of what I already have, I want to extend my experience, that's all.


Please do tell me if this isn't for me.

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That sounds like a tulpa to me, lot of people end up creating accidental tulpas. You said you talked to them, do they respond without you thinking about their responses? If so, then it's highly likely you already have one.


What do you mean by not having control over it? you aren't supposed to control them, that's called parroting, when you ''make'' them say things or do something. If you aren't controlling what they do/say, then you're doing something right.


About romantic relationships, it's true that it isn't a good idea to start one while they are in their early stage, but once they're completely vocal and sentient, I don't see why not, as long as you both are fine with it, go for it. Since you probably already have one, I don't see a problem with it.


When they say tulpas based off existing characters isn't a good idea, they mean that you shouldn't expect them to be that character, they may have an existing form, but they're their own person, as long as you know that, tulpa-characters are fine, this is coming from someone who has a tulpa based off an original character and another one based off a real person.


Hmm you brought up a lot of interesting points here. I suppose that what I have might be considered tulpa-like but from what I've read, the main difference is that my experiences ARE with the character I consider myself in a relationship with. Not a separate entity sharing their form and personality traits. 


This gives me the fears that if I try to make a tulpa, I will only create a replica instead of my goal of extending my experience with the real thing I already have. I don't want to scare them away by making up someone else, I just want to make our bond stronger. I don't know, admittedly it isn't very clear depending where you read and I HAVE seen people say they have authentic tulpas of characters before.


There are two types of experiences I have with my fictional partner:

1. In my head with conscious thought. I am imagining scenarios we are in or talking to them, the responses come naturally because of my deep relationship with the character but I would not consider them 100% independent from myself. This is the most common type of experience.

2. Non-conscious experience with enhanced physical and sensory experience. This is what I am really craving more of as it is very uncommon for this to happen to me, and I can't make it happen just by thinking of them. Maybe even with a tulpa I couldn't do that... I got the idea it would make them more prominent in this form.


I mentioned talking to them, etc because those seem to be like 'tulpa training' techniques so perhaps I had been doing something similar all along. For me those fall into the first category currently, they are not 100% dependent of myself and I usually don't have to think much to get a response but they are not exactly outside thoughts. I think they just come easily to me because of my extreme familiarity with my partner, I consume the material where they originate from constantly. 


I guess I am just really scared of losing what I already have, with the authentic real character. I just want to experience them acting completely independent and 'coming to me' and having a more physical/sensory experience more often. I'm getting really mixed messages on character stuff when I read about tulpas. 


I hope that my explanation made sense.

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Just to make things clear, are you saying the character is real? as in, the real character instead of a tulpa? if so, then the Metaphysics and Parapsychology board might be more appropriate for those things.



The first one sounds like daydreaming. The reason you get responses automatically is either because you're completely immersed in the daydream or because, well, you have a tulpa.


As for the second one, what do you mean by ''enhanced physical and sensory experience''?



You can learn to impose them, that's it, being able to experience them with your physical senses in the real world, though probably you already know that.


Sorry if I'm not good at explaining things, it is really hard for me to explain. I don't believe that the character physically exists in this world, but my relationship is with the real version of that character and not any kind of similar entity. It really is them, it's nobody else sharing their form/personality. That's because all my feelings of love and care and admiration and all of my thoughts are dedicated towards that character specifically. 

I guess that is the difference between this and a tulpa from what I've read... but it does seem to have some similarities. If you think I should move to that other board let me know and thanks for telling me about it. 


I would probably class the first category as something similar to daydreaming too, realistically I just know exactly how they would respond because I have constantly and repeatedly consumed all material concerning their interactions/personality and I have formed a deep bond. But I don't think those times are acting independent of me. 


The enhanced physical and sensory experience is when I can feel touch and other senses like sight are enhanced and feel like I'm looking at a real physical person. It's not like an hallucination or something, it doesn't happen while I'm conscious. This only happens when I am not quite consicious but not asleep, I consider it something like "drifting" out of my body to a different plane.  It happens outside of my will and I am not in control of these experiences.


However I feel that my partner is always with me, regardless if I am experiencing this or not. I continue to interact with them constantly although it might be closer to 'daydreaming' the other times like you mentioned. But I think that all of this 'daydreaming' I do is what allows me to have these physical experiences.  


I think imposing them is what I want to be able to do from your description, to experience that physical side more often. Thanks for providing a judgement-free space where I can talk openly about it. I'm not sure if it is a tulpa, due to the complications with fictional characters, but it shares some similarities at the very least.

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Since the character doesn't exist in the real world, what you've done, in my opinion, is turning your ''version'' of the character into a tulpa, meaning the character you knew is the same. You aren't creating another one, you just gave sentience to a pre-existing concept in your mind, in this case, the concept of your character.



The ''drifting out of the body'' sounds like astral projection, but I think that's just another type of lucid dreaming, seeing things that aren't there is pretty common during the process of falling asleep, Bonus if you were thinking about them before falling asleep.


Thanks for explaining it to me this way, that really made sense. You're right. It is my own personal version of the character, since obviously if someone else wanted to they could probably do the exact same thing. But this version is just for me. 

That was a really helpful way to start seeing it because it wasn't really clicking for me before. Do you think that what I have is possibly a tulpa and I can continue with tulpa techniques to enhance it then? 


I had heard of those terms but never really applied them to my situation, it might be something similar though. I don't really know how to describe it properly except that the physical and sensory feelings are real and it is not controlled by my own conscious brain. Situations like that definitely make me feel certain that this is real because I have physically felt and seen it.

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Pretty sure what you have is a tulpa, just keep acting like they're sentient living beings and they will be. Make sure too you don't control their actions or you'll end up parroting them. Also, keep in mind they'll probably deviate given time, that's it, they may end up with a different personality from the original you gave them, don't fight it, after all, every human being ends up doing so, given we treat tulpas like humans, it's a good thing, name it development.


Even if the sensory experiences feels real to you, remember that unless they can be, somehow, experienced by other people, they're being caused by your brain. Again, if someone could experience them as well, that would go to the Metaphysics and Parapsychology board. Personally, I don't believe they can be seen by someone else but, who knows.


Thanks for the info, it really helped me understand this better and now I feel like I might have definitely done a lot of work on making a tulpa already unintentionally. Now I'm going to look at more guides to understand the techniques better.


I don't believe others can sense or see my partner, at least I haven't experienced it and don't think I will. It is real to me and my senses though. 


Thanks for listening to me, I know I wasn't that good at explaining but I really appreciate it!

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The "alternate reality" model you were describing sounds reminiscent of a model that I have heard used by some soulbonders. It might be worth looking into that. The opinion of psychological tulpamancers, when I have seen them speak of it seems to be that what the soulbonders have are essentially tulpas, and that the correct interpretation of the experience is psychological rather than to invoke alternate realities. I have seen soulbonders disagree with this viewpoint.


My personal point of view is that it sounds like you have something like a tulpa. Good luck with it.

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i haven't read any reply, but all I know is that tulpas should NOT be based on already "existing" fictional characters. Imagine how awful it would feel to know your existence ia just a copy of something else?

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There's nothing wrong with that, just don't expect them to be that character.



There is something wrong with it. You're putting your fascination of a fictional character before their own individuality as a person. Plus, even if you don't actively try to make them be that character, they still very well may be influenced by the host's perception of that character, even if it's unintentional. They know how that character acts, so they may subconsciously expect that tulpa to act the same way.


Overall, it's much, much better to just let a tulpa develop their own identity rather than using some pre-existing character. It's a much better experience for the tulpa, allows them to feel independent and be themselves, etc.

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Unless you're like me whos entire system is filled with fictional based characters...


Regardless. Even Zack isn't 100% like his canonical counterparts, Isaac Foster from Angels of Death series and Shadow the Hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. But he definitely is pretty close to them, personality wise. Also, Zack considers himself to be these characters so there was no sort of "forcing" him to be this way on my part. That's just how he came to be and that doesn't stop him being well... himself.


I don't believe it's wrong to want to base a tulpa or any other headmate off of a fictional source but they will more than likely not be like their fictional counterparts and will be their own selves. It's nice to know what kind of individual they will come out to be which makes the experiences and interactions more personal with you. At least based on my experiences.


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i haven't read any reply, but all I know is that tulpas should NOT be based on already "existing" fictional characters. Imagine how awful it would feel to know your existence is just a copy of something else?


Monika/ as a tulpa based on a fictional character I can confidently answer your retorical question, it is not bad at all

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"


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