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Results of the Head Pressure in Relation to Tulpamancy Survey

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This is a bit overdue, but here it is! Some of you may remember a survey on head pressure I conducted awhile back. The survey's aim was to find correlations between tulpa creation and head pressure, looking for common trends in the community. There were a total of 97 respondents.


  • "For you, is head pressure a unique sensation that is different from headaches and similar sensations? If so, to what degree does it feel different?"

44.3% said "Yes, completely different", 40.2% said "Yes, moderately different", 13.4% said "Yes, slightly different", while 2.1% said "No, it is identical to headaches." This shows that head pressure is generally distinguishable from a headache and that most experience it as being a very unique sensation. These results make sense - otherwise head pressure likely would not have become its own term within the community.


  • "Did you ever experience head pressure before starting tulpamancy?"

78.4% said "No" while 20.6% said "Yes." This affirms the idea that head pressure is often initially instigated by tulpamancy and is experienced only after starting to create a tulpa.


  • "If you experienced head pressure for the first time after starting tulpamancy, when did it first appear?"

36.4% said "Days after", 17% said "Weeks after", 15.9% said "Hours after", 13.6% said "Minutes after", 13.6% said "Almost immediately", 2.3% said "Months after" and 1.1% said "Years after." This further supports the idea that head pressure may often be brought about by the initial creation of a tulpa - shorter time spans were selected far more often than longer time spans. A fairly small but still surprisingly significant portion of respondents said "Almost immediately", which is especially interesting. This shows that head pressure may not be brought about only by long bouts of strenuous or unusual thinking, which has been theorized in the past.


  • "Do you ever experience head pressure when doing activities unrelated to tulpamancy?"

44.3% said "No", 28.9% said "Yes, rarely", 17.5% said "Yes, sometimes", while 9.3% said "Yes, often." Nearly half of all respondents indicated that they experience head pressure exclusively when doing tulpa related activities. Another significant portion experienced head pressure only rarely outside of these activities, while those who experience it often outside of tulpa related activities are a small minority. This shows that head pressure is unique to tulpamancy more often than not.


  • "If you experience head pressure when doing activities unrelated to tulpamancy, what are those activities?"

Answers here were text based - and varied wildly. Many of the answers involved heavy thinking of some sort, but many also involved doing the opposite of heavy thinking. Here are a few examples of the answers given:


"Usually involving thinking in ways I'm not used to."

"Anything recreational, usually"

"Intense daydreaming"

"Sometimes it happens when I'm waking up or very relaxed/unfocused"

"It could be anything, doesn't seem to correlate to what I'm doing"


"Usually when I'm entirely distracted, homework, bathroom, video games etc.."

"Thinking about head pressure"

"Mostly metaphysical stuff."

"Whenever a tulpa reacts to external stimuli or whenever I ask for their input."

"Any task that doesn't take much thinking"


  • "If your tulpa is vocal, do they report that they can purposefully cause or control head pressure?"

59.5% said yes while 40.5% said no. In the past it has been commonly reported for tulpas to be able to cause or control head pressure of their own volition, which is why I included this question. Some have used this as a method of communicating with their tulpa through a binary yes/no system before their tulpa is vocal. I find it very interesting that such a large portion of tulpas, over half, report being able to cause or control head pressure.


  • "If your tulpa reports being able to cause head pressure, do you ever experience it outside of times when your tulpa is attempting to cause it?"

52.9% said no while 47.1% said yes. This means that a little over half of tulpas who are able to cause head pressure are the sole cause of their host experiencing it.


In conclusion, I can say that head pressure is very often caused exclusively by tulpamancy. It makes me wonder why this is - what is special about the act of creating a tulpa that causes this sensation to occur? How is it so different from other mental activities and practices? Of course, many also experience it when doing other things, but the portion of those who feel head pressure only after creating a tulpa is too significant to be ignored and is actually the majority. Feel free to comment with thoughts, theories, etc.

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I am sceptical of some of the conclusions that you drew due to the fact that not everyone who does tulpamancy experiences head pressures, and that was never acknowledged in the survey

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the point of the survey wasn't to determine how many people experience head pressures, it was to study head pressures


real scientific studies aren't super broad either y'know

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I recall answering this survey when I was going through a rough time period. If I were to do this survey again a lot of my responses would be different.


I agree that these survey results need to be observed with more skepticism. However, as a first survey it's a good start. It's impossible to consider variables that don't come to mind, especially if those variables don't apply to your experiences; I doubt my experiences will cover all of the information the survey is lacking anyway. Plus, if this survey were repeated, it would be interesting to compare the survey results to see if anything is consistent.



I believe it is easy to tie head pressures to Tulpamancy for two reasons- One, people are now paying attention to see if head pressures happen, and two- younger Tulpamancers expect these to happen.


Ranger was a Tulpa for some time before I found this site: however, I didn't receive any head pressures until I knew they existed, first getting them a day or so later. Months later, I had a period of time where I doubted head pressures, and as a result they mostly faded away, to the point where they were rare and faint. After recovering from that time period, I regained faith in head pressures and not only got stronger pressures, Ranger figured out how to induce them and these pressures are not limited to my head.


Now, I may get a strong head pressure that comes out of the blue, but I usually get them via intense focus- whether that focus is on Ranger via forcing or intensely visualizing a daydream. Daydreaming and having my eye hurt via a painful pressure is actually kind of scary!


I am more inclined to believe head pressures can be "imposed" in a sense. Whether or not head pressures are truly a sign of Tulpa development, I can't say. If anything, head pressures are a good indicator that you are dedicated to Tulpamancy.

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