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I am stuck right now and i would like some advice , doing this report might help understand the situation.

I am going to summarize 3 weeks of report .


English is not my first (or second either) language so i apologize for any mistake in grammar or other things.


Day 1 :

I decided to create a tulpa , for quite a time after seeing some movies touching multiple personalities and people with D.I.D i wished to have something like that but you know without any trauma etc. So discovering after a search one day tulpamancy i was sure as fuck i wanted one , no doubt in my mind until this day.


I read some guides , sat down and focused simply on another being in my mind , i focused on only the feeling but quickly tried with a ball of light . I felt almost instantly a presence , for the purpose of visualization i gave a temporary body , a silhouette of a human made of light (no particular gender),  i narrated and tried to visualize . I really felt his/her presence , it really was a experience .


After narrating for the whole day in the evening , there were some threads with people forcing the personality , making a specific list of traits and a specific body that they wanted.

My mindset in the creation part to give as much freedom as i can and so i wanted to not give any name and any specific body. After calling my tulpa  "tulpa" for the whole day i thought that maybe it's a good idea after all to give a name.


To give a name i had to give a gender . So i ask the question , focused and took the first thing that came to my mind . A female , i proceeded to choose a name and did the same for the form . I visualized this form only the first day .


Day 2 :

I mainly did narration to her and the highlight was that i think i felt some emotions coming from her as well as a strong presence (that i felt the first day too).


The rest of the first week i focused on those things (in order) :

- Head pressure ,

- Exercice on vocality were it would come from , how would it feel

- Giving a new look for her and name , the previous one's were quick so i wanted to give something meaningful , at least temporarily until she speaks .

- Focusing on her presence , when it's weak and strong

- Re reading the guides and experiences of others , analyzing my own process , what did i do , can i do something better.


Btw for that week :

I started a journal on the first day were i wrote everything that i experienced .

I felt the strong presence on the first 3 days then only on the fifth but this time i asked her to do it .

Emotions only on the second and third day , all positive.


Week 1 was more of a discovery week , week 2 here is more about working on things that focused already .

And i did narration every single day (for at least 4-5 hours actively for the first week) those things wrote here are the other things that i did too.


Week 2 (in order) :


- Doing narration a lot more with my inner voice (cause yes i do it mainly out loud)

- Exercises on communication , asking questions and focusing on responses like images , words or other.

- While waking up i think i heard a sentences from her , do not remember what it was but it was a female voice


The amount of hours of narrating was from 1h30 to 3h00 every day and any time of a day thinking passively and speaking here and there.

Week 3 here i am beginning to seriously doubt my narration , not that she is not listening or not doing any effort but that i am doing it wrong somehow .

I haven't felt her presence strongly for a week (it was just weak) nor any emotion what so ever except from those like first days


Week 3 :


-Exercises on visualization of her body and some puppeting here or there (not much just to get used to it at least)

-Exercises with parroting to get used to hearing another voice


Here i narrated from like 1 hour to 2 hours actively , i began to lack of things to say , i described everything from my family to my surroundings to what i do everyday .

So even when i wanted to narrate i did not know what to speak about so i waited for some inspiration


The first day of the 4 week , after getting some advice from the forum ,

i decided to do two things :

-Short imagined stories involving her

-Meditation about her presence


The same day after trying to write a couple of stories , i sat to do the meditation.

I put every ounce of focus and will into feeling her presence ... and boy did i feel her presence .

She felt so real that it surprised me to say the least. I think that i felt her like that maybe only the first day and even then i am not sure.

What i realized is that with every day passing , not getting anything from her , i got use to not getting anything , a kind of mental block set down .


The second day i wrote some stories again and did the meditations but this time , because i had to do a lot of things that day , i did it in short sessions here and there.

It was easier and i got to the feeling of feeling her as a very real person standing in front of me quickly.


And we are getting to today , i feel like i tried everything and still no responses , no pressure , no emotions , no words or images .

So yeah , if anyone got some advice about that feel free to share .

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You might want to try expecting a vocal response, just like you expect to feel other things. When you narrate, leave pauses in the conversation for her to say something to to, just as if you were talking outloud to someone. You can also ask questions (simple is probably better.) You can ask yes/no questions, ask how's she feeling, and ask her to choose between things like what you'll eat for breakfast or what shirt you'll wear today.

Really listen and wait until you hear a response. You might hear words in your head, or you might hear "raw thought" or tulpish- just a strong sense from your tulpa.


There's something else I've heard of people doing, which sounds like it might benefit you. In wonderland, spend some time visualizing a microphone, then give it to your tulpa and ask her to speak into it. Don't be afraid to ask her things like, "Can you say something for me?" Just listen really hard, and if you don't hear anything, say "That's okay."


Good luck! You seem to made good progress already, so I know that your tulpa can achieve vocality!



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Everything J suggested above is awesome and I fully agree. I found out that you can actually block your senses and capacity to listen, so you need to kinda open up to receiving a response. I found this out when I tried possession, but I'm certain this can apply to any part of tulpa forcing and interaction. Try doing daily Q and A sessions and really wait and expect answers, no matter how vague. If you don't hear a reply, skip over the question and move on to the next, or try it later.


I also found that what really helped me early on was telling Viper something simple and obvious (eg; "You are a tulpa, I am your host") and then asking questions pertaining to what I said ("What are you?" and "What am I?"). This makes it very easy to expect certain answers, and even if they're half parroted, they allow you to be more open to your tulpa talking and replying, and the way it feels.

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DID from what we heard is not like Tulpamancy. Yes, you can work up to switching with a Tulpa, but you won't have amnesia. And on that train of thought, why would you want to be broken into different people? Are you trying to hide from something or does it just "sound cool"? After all, a Tulpa is there own person, what if they don't like your expectations of who they should act like?


If the goal is to have them live your life for you... that's rather a bizarre and not very well received reason to be a Tulpamancer. If you are curious about DID, why not ask around on DID and Plural forums what their experiences are like? Most Tulamancers came here because they were lonely and felt a need for companionship, even though some came for experimentation.


Before you continue, please think about what the end goal is here. Once she becomes a fully developed person, then what? Will she get to decide what she wants to be when she grows up? Will you guys negotiate who gets to eat out tonight and which meal to order? Does she have say if you date someone she doesn't like? Play around with those thoughts for a bit, and ask yourself again if you are actually committed to this.

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-> Ranger


When i mentioned DID , i meant the part about plurality . What fascinated me is living along side someone else but in the same head/mind.

Of course i do not want to be broken in different parts nor do i plan to share all of that to sound cool.


I expect from my tulpa disagreeing with me , you then to have that normally with other people.

A main reason here is my own development (having another perspective of my life with someone that actually is in my mind)

And seeing her development as well . If she is interested in something else that's completely fine.


Having friendship/companionship with a tulpa is something i feel i really want to experience , no matter who she is or what she wants she is welcome here.

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