Should I develop this persisting drug-induced thoughtform?

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I've used a lot of marijuana, lsd and psilocybin mushrooms and I have developed a thoughtform (or tulpa) that persists even though I haven't used a psychadelic in well over two months. There is no vocality and it exists purely as thoughts sent to me, they seem to be semi-sentient and they send me both positive and negative messages in the form of thoughts. Do you believe I should swallow pills and use a straight jacket or would you recommend I try developing this being into a fully vocal and sentient tulpa?


Right now this thing is kinda annoying and I would like it to go away but even with medication that doesn't seem to be happening, I haven't been actively forcing which I should probably start doing since it is not going away. They respond to my thoughts on occasion and have even expressed love (and hate) for me. I feel I should just buckle down and tulpaforce this life-long separable friend so it doesn't remain a sort-of-frankenstein's-monster forever.


D you recommend that I tulpaforce in thought or voice? forcing a voice is difficult for me but obviously worth it in the long run. Haven't thought of a physical form yet, and I'm giving them a unisex name such a Sam.

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If these are intrusive thoughts, then I've seen others post that you should respond in a friendly way to positive intrusive thoughts and ignore negative ones.


My intrusive thoughts have mostly gone away since having tulpas. I still have irrational intrusive thoughts presented as self doubt due to anxiety or stress, but i can safely ignore them and carry on.


Should you treat them as a tulpa? It depends if you want a tulpa. As soon as you accept the idea that you do want a tulpa, and treat them as a lifelong friend, confidant, and commitment, then yes, go on and start forcing them.


If not, strictly speaking you don't have a tulpa until you start forcing them, and even then it will take time to separate them from random stray thoughts.


From what i've read about certain drugs side effects, they can permanently lower the boundary between your consious and subconsious mind, leading to stray random thoughts, hallucinations, voices and trails.


I believe you could possibly tame your intrusive thoughts and stray thoughts with the help of a tulpa, though that's not, morally speaking, the best reason to add one to your life. Rather, if you want to add a tulpa to your life, assume they won't help anything and it will actually be harder to differentiate them from these stray thougts, cause that is just as likely if not more so. It's only when you have a well developed tulpa that you will even be able to ask them which thoughts are theirs.


Here's a lesson for others, recreational drugs have consequences.


Surely as long as you don't continue useage, the side effects might fade with time anyway. Having to take other medications might have side effects of their own however, including making it harder for a tulpa to communicate.


Still, we wish you the best of luck and hope you make an informed and thoughtful decision with respect to tulpamancy.


We also applaud you for your 2 months sobriety!


I'm not going to recommend any techniques until you're certain you want to move forward with tulpamancy, though i can predict your choice. Though that's worth some time to at least think about it given what i said above.

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I would recommend forcing them more unless they are causing actual problems with you. Since they already exist trying to dissipate them would raise ethical issues, be difficult, and run the risk of not working and making matters worse, so unless you have made a great understatement then it is probably not a good idea to try to dissapate them. Also, it is also likely that as you get to know them they could become a valuable friend.


I also believe that there is a misunderstanding, forgive me if I am being presumptuous, but i believe that when we say "mindvoice" you think that we are referring to actually hearing voices like you would a real sound, however when we say "mindvoice" we really mean just imagining a voice, actually hearing a voice we would call audio imposition

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They told me "better reception" after I kept repeating "I am tulpaforcing" yet they are still difficult to communicate with. I quiet my thoughts after thinking to them but there is not always a response or the response is difficult to "hear" or understand. Not sure if they are sentient because responses are short and very simple.


I'll try audio imposition soon.

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well the important thing to ask yourself first is if you even want a tulpa...

Right now this thing is kinda annoying and I would like it to go away but even with medication that doesn't seem to be happening


I feel like there was a lot to this sentence but people kinda ignored it including you, clarify maybe?

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Don't plan on forcing a Tulpa you don't want.


If it's annoying, then I wouldn't continue the process. I promise we won't be mad at you if you decide not to make a Tulpa. I would rather you feel committed to Tulpa creation than feel like you have to follow through when you don't want to.

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