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Experiments and Consent?

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I would like to perform a new experiment, but I'm worried if I would be crossing any consent or legal lines if I allowed for minors under 18 to participate.


I'm most worried about asking the participants to submit videos. I want the participants to provide video evidence of them doing the experiment, and I'm worried if that's even legal. I know people need to give consent that they're 18 or older when an organization pushes out an experiment, but do I need to do the same in this case?


The rest of it is filling out some survey questions and them sending me a link of a SFW picture (for verification). I already plan on only using 18+ data when making the public results, but I want to know if I can collect data from minors and then send them some personalized comparison data without including their data to the public results.

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it depends on the experiment???


also if you're not doing actual official research for a college or somethin, there's nothing illegal about asking for videos unless you want people to do something dangerous, plus even if it mattered as long as you say "18 years or older" there's literally no legal anything to even consider (but again videos of someone 17 or something still aren't illegal in any way, as long as you're not encouraging people to do something dangerous or illegal)


(if you want people to do something dangerous, don't)

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