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ghost kid

Questions about the origin of tulpas

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I am fairly confident Alexandra david-Neel introduced the word Tulpa to the west.. She live to be a 101. I am not sure why I am sharing that.


She was the first woman to travel into the heart of tibet. Forget 'Seven years in Tibet.' No, don't, it's still a decent book, and an okay movie, but Alexandra, she's was amazing. Probably smarter than people gave her credit for. Explorer. Adventurer. She discovered the word in tibet? Or from the book she read as a child/teen.


As for the word, there is evidence that some of the knowledge was passed down orally for a good while. Many of the original Buddhist words and prayers were written in Sanskrit, and later translated... I have this one book, "the study guide for Samatrha-vipassana mediotations based on the five meditation techniques" from the national coordination center of the provincial meditation institute of Thailand... Sanskrit, a Thai translation with English letters, and an English translation... I assume there are other similar kinds of translations in other languages. If tulpa is originally an Indian sanskrit word, it's really old. If it originated in Tibet, maybe not as old? I don't know. Tibet kept its magic and ideas secret for a good while. Sharing some of it after the invasion may have been necessary to help preserve some of the traditions. I don't know how the spelling may evolved, but it must have if passed through different language filters. There's a symbol for tulpa... Was that first? Can we know?

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Where did the concept of tulpas come from? It's been a naturally occurring thing in some form for probably as long as humans have been around; this is just a community that got together on the internet to collect and spread ideas of the concept in this particular "flavor" of plurality.


Where did "Tulpa" come from? Alexandra David-Néel's Magic and Mystery in Tibet from 1929. But her descriptions are only vaguely related to our definitions and understanding on the forum, and plurality communities in general.

Hi. I'm one of Luminesce's tulpas. Unlike the others, I don't think I stand out too much from him personality wise.

I'm just special because "I'm a tulpa". So I don't think I've much to offer, here. I'm happy enough to just be with him.

Ask us stuff -

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