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So, I asked a question in Last one to post wins that seemed like it would fit in it's own thread for people to share and talk about. I'm naming it like I did because I thought it could work as some general thread for anything that has something to do with headmates influencing the front or each other



6 hours ago, Matsuri said:

Do any of you just try to talk with someone and it feels like your headmates wanna jump-in and also be a part in the conversation?

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It happens a lot to us. If I'm talking (it doesn't matter if it's online or in person) to someone about a topic either Akai or Miri have strong feelings about, the body will start to shiver and I swear I can feel an urge to say what they want to but it never gets to the point where I actually do, I might stop, let them tell me what they want, and then do it.


It's like the brain is ready to get into 'this person-mode' and starts to simulate their thoughts patterns to an extent. For example, I'm talking to someone about a topic one of them enjoys more than the others, and then I can feel the answers coming up but they're not mine at all. My heartbeat always accelerates and the body heats up when this happens, although I have the feeling this is caused by strong emotions. If I'm walking, it's very possible I'll start walking too fast if I'm thinking about certain topics that attract their attention.


A few days ago I was trying to buy something and I knew I wanted chocolate while Miri wanted orange juice. I had firmly set in my mind that I did not want what Miri did, but when the time to order came, I automatically said orange juice, despite not wanting that at all. Miri didn't take control, it was me all the time, yet I still answered as her. Sometimes I find myself wanting to do things only she'd want to, like entering a store to buy stuff despite not having any desire to do so, like 'hold up, I don't even want this', I've come to leave all our money at home so this doesn't happen. Other times I find myself getting away from things Miri doesn't want to do with absolute zero reason for me to not do them. This doesn't happen so much when she's quiet, it's mostly when she's thinking too.


While I still get strong emotions when someone talks to me about a topic Akai enjoys, 99% of the time this happens is because of Miri. I have the theory this is because Akai is completely detached from everything going on, while Miri isn't. And I do wonder if it is more common with hosts/tulpas who are closer to the front than those wo aren't.


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2 hours ago, Luminesce said:

Nope, though my tulpas aren't normally very active while I'm talking to people to begin with. If they were actively being imposed at the time, they usually don't say anything at all, but they'll probably comment/talk to me afterwards. Though them doing things physically while I'm talking to someone happens, I guess we just consider it polite not to talk/distract whoever's fronting while they're trying to listen to someone? Oh, and there's no attachment to the conversation if we're not the ones fronting that would make us want to talk to that person, only the fronter maybe. The social disconnect between being imposed/in the mindspace and being the fronter is very clear for us.


We don't really have much passive influence in general, either. Just natural stuff, like Lucilyn having made us appreciate seeing frogs and such.

Thanks for making a thread for this, though.

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On 3/10/2020 at 8:56 AM, Matsuri said:

Do any of you just try to talk with someone and it feels like your headmates wanna jump-in and also be a part in the conversation?


Sometimes, but not usually for in person conversation. Talking about stuff Cat would normally talk about while switched-in was awkward, but I didn't feel Cat slipping into the front or anything.


When I'm chatting and my headmates get interested in the conversation, they like to jump in. Sometimes they front steal.


[Cat] Ranger will sometimes wake up and want to join in if I'm talking to my brother, but it has to be a topic he's interested in. He also knows it's safe for him to be himself, so he's more likely to chime in.

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