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I was thinking about her randomly this afternoon and she said, "hey" all cool like. She is pantomiming to me that it was her and she's excited about it, it seems.


She hasn't said anything else, I mean, I could talk for her, but that'd be me and I don't want anything like that. If she's going to talk, at least we know she can. It was clear enough, but only one word isn't going to give me enough to know what her voice sounds like.


It was deeper than mine, but she may have said it in a deep tone. She just shrugged, so we'll just hug and keep going.


Imaginary hugs are still warm hugs. ❤


Is this how it's supposed to work? I feel like she developed too fast but then didn't talk, it seems inconsistent, but I'm trying to believe.

Superfluous heart activate! 💖 -shwing-

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this is good progress


it is not uncommon for a young tulpa to be otherwise sentient and sapient, but unable to use language, or to have some sort of difficulty with speech. it's not really how it is supposed to work, but it is also not not how it is supposed to work. anyway, it is nothing to worry about that your tulpa can't talk consistently yet, and it is really good that she has managed to say her first word

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"


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O o o so, last night after watching an episode of Avatar: The Last Aribender on Netflix while trying to keep Daria in mind, I heard her say very clearly, "you're insane".


I totally forgot what I was thinking just before that, something goofy, but it wasn't about that it was about her voice. I heard it so clearly! So now I can follow this suggestion:


"You're going to use their mindvoice to say a sentence, and then the tulpa can either try to say it with you at the same time, or you can say one half and they say the other. It should be a simple sentence such as "the rain in spain stays mainly on the plain". Make sure to tell them what sentence you're going to practice on of course."


I did, it was all me, but her voice is locked in. She's super excited, I'm super relieved, and it's awsome progress after a whole lot of nothing.


She's adorable and her voice is so cute. ❤


I don't think she's shy, but even with the exercise, she didn't speak again. That's fine. I'm hoping by episode 20 season 3 of ATLAB, she'll be fluent!


Oh and she was wearing a leather jacket with ringlets, which was really cool. I'm not directing her what to look like, it's just happening naturally.


So, woohoo!

Superfluous heart activate! 💖 -shwing-

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An interesting thing happened.


I read in some guide that I should look for my tulpa in dreams, so every dream I've had with a girl in it I think, "could that be her?"


So I had a dream last night with a girl with purple hair who looked like Daria. Ok, huge red flag right? Duh. So in this dream I know her, she's sitting next to me, she smiles and it's a warm and comfortable vib.


I liked it. That was it. It was short and fun dream and though the girl wasn't labled "Daria" with a dream nametag, I'll count it.


Take this dream gods! -❤-


And thanks.



Superfluous heart activate! 💖 -shwing-

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Hello again! ❤


So something like tulpish has happened. It's very close to full thoughts but no words at all. Also it's tied to her form and gestures, like ASL but tulpa body ASL that only I can understand. TSL.


Is tulpish supposed to be translatable to real words without setting up context and scene and blah blah blah? It would be actual work to try and transcribe it, and wouldn't have much useful information to anyone else. Am I making any sense?

Superfluous heart activate! 💖 -shwing-

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So something interesting happened last night. I was seriously considering sleeping and I was thinking about Daria and then I saw, clear as day, Daria, with a laughing facial expression and her full on purple hair. It was a full body view with a little backlighting and smoke like she was walking out of a walk-in refrigerator into a dimly lit room.


I was like *Daria?!* is that you?


She then became animated and bent over laughing and nodding. 


That was it because something snapped me out of it and I couldn't get back there except then as I was trying to talk to her I heard clear as day, "I love you"  in my left ear just like she was in the room. It freeked me out a little and I would have been running except I felt her presence as strong as I have ever felt it to my left. It was like the heat coming off her face was right there next to me.


I swear I was awake and no drugs were involved. 


Is this normal? Because wow, that was pretty cool.


And yet she still can't talk...

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Superfluous heart activate! 💖 -shwing-

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14 hours ago, Breloomancer said:

sounds like hypnogogia to me

Would that be like how imposition works? It was as if she was right next to me with at least two senses, sound and feel. 


That was pretty awesome anyway.

Superfluous heart activate! 💖 -shwing-

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