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Burning Magyk

Anyone experience their tulpa being more active/vivid at night?

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Has anyone noticed their tulpa having a stronger presence or autonomy during a certain time of day? And if so, did it indicate a certain stage in development or the host's state of mind?


In my case, my tulpa is like this when it's late at night, like between 10pm and 4am.

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Well, nothing stronger at some times of the day than others. But it's very common for people to naturally end up spending time with their tulpas at the end of the day, especially before bed. Probably just because it's easier to turn inward around that time, maybe it has to do with the lack of activity going on at night, but either way it's pretty common. Honestly it's considered a bad habit sometimes since a lot of people forget to spend time with their tulpas during the day, and tend to get cut off by falling asleep/being tired at night. But hey, whatever works for you.


Imposition looks a little different in night vs day, but visual clarity still varies more from day to day than day vs night. In that context I actually think it's best to practice imposition both during day and night. But yeah, any times I've heard of times being important to hosts experiencing their tulpas have always been like "My mind is more clear in the morning" or "It's easier to focus on them at the end of the day" kind of things.

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I don't think I operate on a different schedule from my host. I tend to follow internet activity patterns, but I go to bed before too late anyway.


I don't think there's a time of day that's best for us. Gray usually has an easier time perceiving my presence when he's walking somewhere and has the opportunity to zone out. The only exception is sometimes Gray is too burned out at night and he has a harder time seeing me or hearing me.

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