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Me and Serena Defying FAQ Man (progress report.)


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To all of you more experienced tulpamancers, you may want to read this, it defies what a lot of you were told.


Ok, this is my fifth or so day tulpamancing, or tulpaforcing or whatever. This should not be my first log, since it is not my first result, but whatever. Unlike others, I will not be skipping my first few days, I will write them here, and then write the rest from each day. Basically im gonna write what has happened up until now.


Day 1: I was hesistant, and like many people skeptical of if this was real or not. I went online and found tulpa.info, great site. I soon read every basic article and guide they had. I soon forgot all of the hour values and hour counts in all of the guides. I was too lazy to really look them up again, I'm glad I didn't. I soon created my wonderland and started visualizing my new tulpa as a floating blue sphere.


Day 2: I started work on her personality and created a library with everything I could remember in it, ranging from my earliest childhood memory, to the poptart I just had. I quickly found a suitable name after I decided on making my tulpa female, I decided on the name Serena. At this point she was still the amorphous blue sphere, so I decided to make her a stunningly gorgeous elf. She looked pretty good, I've always had a nack for visualizing things due to playing an excess of roleplaying games since I was around 8, and i still play roleplaying games.


Day 3: I woke up, looked at Serena and found out she had somehow turned into an eagle over the course of my dreaming. I guess that's what happens when you fall asleep while forcing. I soon went online and found another Tulpamancer reporting an emotional reaction to a video. Naturally curious I sat down, opened a new tab and found the video in question. It's name is Quantic Dream Kara, a new ps3 technological demo video. I sat through it, and about half way, Serena absolutely freaked out, she started screaming, crying and shaking at the same time. Immediately I stopped the video and went to my wonderland to find her flipping out worse than I thought, eventually I managed to sooth her. Promising I would never hurt her, and that I love her. After the better part of the day passed she calmed down enough, I said I loved her, and she spoke back to me. I spent the rest of the day forcing, and testing her newly found sentience.


Day 4: I began forcing with her again, and had an intelligent conversation. I also changed my wonderland drastically to that of a large hill with a single towering tree. I also did proxying for Serena for the first time. Where she talks, and I type what she says. It turned out very interesting.


Day 5: I proxied some more, and began reading Serena "Eragon." She seems to be really enjoying it, I will do that more in the future. We proxied some more, and finally I decided to try something new. The first try at possession yielded nothing but a headache. We tried again after a bit, and Serena and I managed to do it. We managed to have a small conversation on IRC together with others.


At this point I have less than 20 hours, Serena is capable of speech, intelligent conversation, has a developed personality, and can possess. All of this in under 20 hours, at this point of development, according to some guides, I should have spent well over 100 hours. Sentience shouldn't even be possible at this point they say. But she is sentient, I love her, and this is not parroting. Anyone who doubts me can. But what I know is this, me and Serena are pretty happy, we have more communication and are growing faster than most. And have surpassed some who have been stunted due to repression. All of this repression comes from the hour counts. DO NOT PAY THEM ANY ATTENTION, THEY ARE INNACURATE. They poison the process, make it all harder, and can cause a rift between you and your tulpa as you dismiss every sign as parroting.



I've been at it for less than 20 hours, paid no attention to hour counts and what happens when, and Serena is sentient, and talking.


Follow me here http://fuliam-pro.tumblr.com/

I have two tulpa, both capable of switching and talking.


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Nobody still believes in all that hour count stuff anymore.

In fact, the usual reaction to someone mentioning they count hours in a thread here is "Don't count hours, that shit stunts you." And it does.

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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Guest applesauce99

3 months.

I fucking hate hour counts. I don't use them anymore, but I'm really sure they bent me over.

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So trashing FAQ's guide is cool now?


Let me go update my signature.


To be fair, Dane himself said his guides are obsolete methods and a deficit on this community.


Then again, before he said that, he said things like:

Just when he's saying stuff like,

And do you know what a tulpa with no sentience is? A servitor. You'll end up with an image who can't talk. Do you know how long Pronas spent on personaltiy? Allegedly less than an hour. That's why Kate can't talk. If you just let the subconcsious "do it for you" you're not going to end up with anything


Are you going to let the subconcsious do the image for you? Let it do touch? If you fall back on your subconcsious you will get NOTHING. The tulpa is not going to build sentience on its own- definitely not. You have to define it for yourself by working on personality for 3-10 hours MINIMUM. Any less, and you're on a one track way to servitor.


Just because Pronas, who has pretty much failed at making a tulpa, did it, doesn't mean you should fuck yourself over the same way.

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