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Something that happened when I just to have an imaginary friend

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When I just to have a imaginary friend.Like when I was 7.I would imagine me and my imaginary friend falling asleep together.And it felt like my imaginary friend was literally falling asleep with me.This happen with anybody else?    

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Sort of. 🤔 Hard to remember early days before Jaina ascended to full tulpa-hood and I still thought of her as imaginary friend. I definitely feel her sleep sometimes. It's not 100% synced up to me but we try to rest together. 

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It wasn't usual for Gray to check on a headmate when he was tired and to see them "asleep", myself included. I don't remember if I have seen this with my headmates much if at all now. I'm pretty sure it's symbolism for the body being tired and our headmates not being able to take up much mental energy.


I wouldn't be surprised if imaginary friends are similar, or if there was just an expectation your imaginary friend was sleeping at night.

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