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Back-ups vs. Web Traffic


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When looking over the guide's list, I found Within's guide on how to switch being hosted on a different website. When the GAT looked over Shinyuu's articles 1 2 3, we compromised and allowed Shinyuu to show a preview of her guide before linking to her website.

However, given the danger of losing these articles completely, I think having back-ups of guides is really important and an ultimate long-term solution needs to be in place. On the other hand, I also want to respect the decision to direct web traffic to your website, as long as their isn't any inappropriate content, a pay wall, or obstructive ads.

I would like to propose this solution: If you want to have traffic to your site instead of a provided back-up copy posted in the OP, then please send me or another staff member an attachment of your guide so we can store it directly to the forums or agree to a staff member making one for you. This copy will not be available to the public unless the website goes down and the OP has not requested for the guide to be removed. I think this solution offers the best of both worlds and it provides additional security to guide writers if for whatever reason they lose their content.


I would like @Within, @Shinyuu, and other's thoughts before moving forward with this. I am planning on writing policies for the new system, and I plan on including strict policies about back-ups so we don't lose more guides in the future.

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guides should be copied to somewhere else more official/centralized as a backup, like obviously the forum if possible, or otherwise a google document copy, and really who cares about incredibly ultra fancy formatting that gets lost in the process if the point is just to have a record survive at all tbh


copy-paste'em, and fix up the formatting if you feel like it, and we can have an official .info (or even a bigger, even-more-centralized tulpamancy) backup of all the guides

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