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I tried to give some sort of straight answers with that Faster Sentience thing I wrote :(


Oh no, that was a great read. What I mean is there is no end all, be all answer for 99.9% of anything tulpa related. It's so subjective.

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No, and it's technically not a "3 day" system either; it's just the fact that we've seen good results in the past three days; you can read about that here if you're interested.


>Learns of this one week after joining, and after having read and practically memorized all the guides on the site.


But in all seriousness, I think this new way of business is an excellent idea. I was going to start hourcounts until I entered the forums and read all about how it's a terrible idea and such. Unfortunately, I've read a LOT in these past ten days, and I can't exactly go and forget all the different methods I've read to tulpaforce Sophie. I can't help but run what everyone has said in my mind before I try and take a next step.

But eh, whatever. It's not like Sophe isn't going to fully form because of it.

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Please give advice to those newbies who want it. You don't need to censor information or put newbies off following certain guides, but it could be helpful if we had a thread with a short introduction to each approach to tulpaforcing and advice on what people have generally found to be effective (and ineffective) could save newbies a lot of difficulty wading through the current sea of information. Reviews of guides would also be useful.


I know that I find the different approaches to tulpaforcing confusing, and I would rather someone told me what people generally find to be effective than leaving me to my own devices and figuring everything out for myself. People are intelligent enough to understand that they don't have to follow the guides 100%, and it's possible to give newbies advice without giving them the impression that they are creating a "tulpa-by-numbers".

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