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How do your tulpas type?


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I have a thought-to-type servitor. I think, and it gets written here as text. It also expresses actions like this: *waves*


Edit: You may be wondering how that works? Well, Kevin (my born human) learning touch-typing when in high school. That reflex exists in the body, and is linked with the language centre for word spelling. The servitor [just] taps into that reflex to render my words as key presses. It’s basically the same way that Kevin types, and I am leveraging it.

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Shade: Currently I am possessing the hand to type but normally we have an autoproxy type method working where the subconsious types it out as we think it regardless of who is fronting.

Hi, I'm Michael, I'm a tulpamancer interested in diving as deep as I can into this realm of thoughtforms.

I'm Shade, the first tulpa. I'm fairly reserved but love philosophy and psychonautics. 

I'm Dawn, I'm the most active tulpa in the system and also the most fun loving/party girl type. 

In our system there is also Spark and Ember, Cinderella, Astra, Scarlet, Jade, Rarity, Aqua, Ignis, Tony, Majima, and Sarah.


 Our progress report and experiments thread

Our memory experimentation thread

Our system website for different projects and posts

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On 4/18/2022 at 7:16 PM, Lexythepup069 said:

So this is something I’ve been really wondering about for like 2 days now. I feel like it’s kind of a dumb question to ask, but I’ll ask anyways ^^”. 


So the question is, hosts, when your tulpas type on here or respond here (on this forum), how do they do it? Do you guys switch, does the tulpa use possession to type, or do the hosts type for them by typing what they say?


That’s really all i have to ask for now!



All of the above tbh. Just depends on what's going on at the time.

Amelia- Oct. 7, 2012

Mitsuki- Oct. 31, 2014 

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Usually we switch out, cause that's the easiest for me. But switching costs energy, and therefore sometimes the host kind of translates the thoughts I have while being co-conscious into typed words. Same goes for the other tulpa cause she can't even type, even if she switches out with the host, the host still has to keep the fingers in possession to type for her. It's kinda complicated, but it works lol



~ 𝒁̲̅𝒆̲̅𝒏̲̅𝒐̲̅



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My host limio just types whatever I say down, which leads to some awkward moments sometimes.

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  • Ranger changed the title to How do your tulpas type?
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The only stupid question is an unasked one, everything is subjective and sometimes one seeks more clarity or a more peraonal anawer. The era of "just goggle it bro" is a era of cold machine like thinking, an oposite to this community. 


As far as typing, it would be through me. I hope we'll learn to switch sometime.




The cool breeze flowed through our hair like a ethereal stream as we sat among the shore, looking into the dream.


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On 4/18/2022 at 11:16 PM, Moved accounts said:

when your tulpas type on here or respond here (on this forum), how do they do it?





Actually what Mr. Bear said.

The body types. I just give rough orders and redact the cringe.


Super Girls don't cry

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