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About the UpVote/Draft System

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The UpVote/Draft System


Goals: The goals of this guide curation system are to reduce post anxiety, filter guides by popular vote, encourage authors to revise their work, and offer the bare minimum protection for beginners.


This system...

  • Allows guide authors to post in a Guides board or Drafts and a request a move later
  • Filters guides in the Guides boards by upvotes. Guides in Drafts cannot be upvoted
  • Addresses problematic guides via the Revision Request system






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The UpVote/Draft System is the current guide curation system to make it easier to post, give feedback, and revise guides. This system is designed to improve upon the previous Guide Approval Team (GAT) systems by addressing the GAT system's reported criticisms. Users can directly post to any of the Guides boards without having to wait on an approval process, users can give feedback on guides through traditional comments or upvotes, there is a new Drafts board without upvotes so users can revise their ideas, and the Revision Request system allows for the community to address and revise problematic guide content. While the UpVote/Draft System is not perfect, it offers to achieve the baseline level of revision and protection while also addressing the anxieties guide authors reported in the past.


The UpVote/Draft System allows authors to post guides directly to any of the Guides boards. Authors can directly submit their guide to the Community Guides, Tips, Tricks, & Resources, Just Do It, and Articles boards. If the guide violates the guide guidelines, it may be moved to another Guides board, to Drafts, or receive moderation due to the offence of the violation. If possible, a staff member may add forum attachments instead of moving a guide to Drafts. Alternatively, any guide author can submit their guide to Drafts to get feedback on their guide content. Not including cases involving the Revision Request system, a guide author can request to move their guide from Drafts to the correct Guides board or vice versa at any time or post a new thread of the updated guide in the correct Guides board. This set-up allows for guide authors to directly publish their guides without waiting on an approval system, doesn't force guide authors to participate in the review process, and provides support to those who do. In addition to guide authors, the community will have more control over the ordering of guides in the Guides board as well.


The UpVote/Draft System allows community members to upvote guides. Based on this decision by the previous GAT, it was decided forum members should be allowed to upvote guides to help draw attention to higher quality guides. It is worth noting that "higher quality" is entirely subjective, it is highly recommended to read the comments posted on the guides as well. The GAT decided against downvotes to prevent harassment and to not create more anxiety guide authors already report. To encourage the revision process, guides in the Drafts board cannot be upvoted. Even though the community cannot downvote guides, community members can address problematic guide content through the Revision Request System.


A branch of the UpVote/Draft System is the Revision Request system, which addresses guides that the community reports. In short, the Revision Request system is a staff-based review system that determines if any given guide should be moved to Drafts based on a 70% disapproval requirement. A more detailed description on the Revision Request system and how to report guides can be seen here. This system aims to address the concern of beginners encountering bad and/or harmful advice that the previous GAT system failed to address.


Ultimately, the goals of this guide curation system are to reduce post anxiety, filter guides by popular vote, encourage authors to revise their work, and offer the bare minimum protection for beginners. While it is not a perfect system, the community and staff team stepping up to manage guide curation fixes the issue of depending on a not always present and often controversial guide curation team.





List of Guides

Guide Guidelines

About the Revision Request System

Revision Request System Staff Review Guidelines

UpVote/Draft System Discussion

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