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A list of the various guides, tips, and articles submitted to tulpa.info, arranged by their topic. Whether an entry is approved or disapproved depends on tulpa.info's Guide Approval Team (GAT), which does its best to try to make sure all guides are up to standards and easy to understand. Submissions that have been approved were moved to the official guide subforums, while disapproved or not-yet-reviewed guides remain in submissions - these guides may help you as well, even if they haven't been approved.


Not all guides will be found where the author has tagged them. In case you believe something has been mistagged in this guide or if there is some other kind of a mistake, go ahead and notify a forum moderator.


Thread originally created by Sands.




Guides that help you through the whole process of creating a tulpa


Community Guides

24-Hour Guide to Tulpamancy

Abvieon's Guide to Fast and Effective Tulpa Creation

Daniel's Starter Guide to Creating a Tulpa

how to make a half baked tulpa quickly.

How to make a vocal tulpa by developing the skills and mindsets of the host.

How to Tulpa/Tulpae

Jabre's Tulpa Creation Guide

JD's Tulpa Method

Kiahdaj's Absolute Guide to Tulpas (Also in French, Italian and Russian)

Kopase's Simple and Straightforward Video Guides on Making a Tulpa

Longbow's Tulpamancy Guide

Lunanite's Compendium of Guides

Methos's Tulpa Creation Guide

NLD's Hands-On Tulpa Creation Guide v1.7

Reguile's Grounded Tulpamancy Guide.

Teryakywind's "Tulpas for Dummies" General Creation Guide

The art and skill of tulpas (Understanding and creating tulpas)

The No-Bullshit Tulpa Book

The Secret of a 10 Minute Tulpa - A Guide

ThunderClap's Guide on Tulpa Creation

Tulpa Handbook

Tulpa Phenomenon Overview Guide


Tulpa's Complete DIY Guide to Tulpamancy

Tulpas: Creation, Sentience, and Vocality


Tips, Tricks, & Resources

Tulpamancy tips from a tulpa




For those who wish to create a personality for their tulpa, look no further


Community Guides

JD's Guide to Personality Forcing

Planting a Tulpa Seed and How to Listen to It


Tips, Tricks, & Resources

For general character-building

Jimmy's late night guide to choosing the right tulpa base.

My personality tables

Onion Layer for Personality Forcing




Getting your tulpa to the point where they seem to act and think on their own, or help getting past the points where you are unsure or worried


Tips, Tricks, & Resources

Counting Games

Parroting and puppeting concerns solved

Possible Method For Faster Sentience

Sentience confirming/anti puppeting guide

Telling when you have a tulpa

Tulpa Journey Guide

When To Parrot Your Tulpa




Tips on how you might be able to hear your tulpa's voice


Community Guides

Coaxing Tulpae Into Talking

How to talk to your tulpa in less time

Pruria talks talking to tulpae: Deaf hosts

Rationalistic Guide to Vocality

Schlondark's Psychic Tulpa Voice Guide


Tulpa Vocalization Practice


Tips, Tricks, & Resources

Auditory Vocalization Method

Easy guide on how to hear your tulpa

Echo Parroting - Teaching Your Tulpa How To Use Their Own Mindvoice

Quantum's Nametag method

Really simple Trick for better hearing your Tulpa

Simple trick which helped me at least with tulpa's voice

Tips for Hearing Your Tulpa

Tips for those who are getting "parrotnoid".




Stuck when actually trying to create your tulpa? These might help


Community Guides

"Black Box" Differentiation Exercise

Linkzelda's Ultimate Self-Hypnosis Scripts For Your Tulpa-Related Needs

listening - to wake headmates or help with parroting

Octaviapus' Guide to Lucid Mode


Tips, Tricks, & Resources

A tip for those who have difficulty with long forcing sessions

Candellaith's tubes [anti-puppeting guide]

Common pitfalls and traps while making a tulpa.


Generally helpful forcing technique (but mostly for Visualization and Imposition)

Great and fun Visualization methods for daydreamers

Helixileh As A Forcing Method

Helping your tulpa become more independent with flashcards

How to Use Hour Counts Safely and Effectively

Ideas for looking after multiple tulpa

Mala beads!

Overclock Forcing Method

Parroting Syndrome


PsiQss' thought's relocation as a general forcing booster

"Ravagestar's Sphere" How to drive off intrusive thoughts.

Redirection Technique

Sending Thoughts to Your Tulpa: Balloon Method

Sensory Sharing Explained

Super Awesome Tulpa Game Guide

Upgrade your Tulpa - improvements to their existance

Zero's Narration & Mindvoice Tips & Tricks Handbook



Focus and Concentration

Guides on how to focus properly in the creation process, for those who are having difficulties. Includes meditation techniques.


Community Guides

Centering and Tulpae

Dissociation Guide

Tulpas and Vipassana; a practical advice on the meditation sittings for tulpamancers


Tips, Tricks, & Resources

Couguhl's Guide to Tulpa Association for Regaining Focus


Foghorn Meditation

How To Sustain Concentration While Forcing


Pranayama: Shared Breathe Meditation

Removing Doubts and General Meditation Technique

Stress relief for forcing

Tulpaforcing and Meditation

Using Thresholds and Furniture to Remember Your Tulpa




Narration touches on how to talk to and with your tulpa, with some tips as to what you might talk about if you have run out of ideas


Community Guides

A Bit of a Narration Guide

Schlondark on Narration


Tips, Tricks, & Resources

A Helpful Conversation Mindset For Older Tulpas

Tips that may Help Bolster Sentience

Topics to Talk About With Your Tulpa




Help in how to improve the mind's eye


Community Guides

Basic Method On Practicing Visualization

Can't see a dang thing?

Chadacks visualisation guide

Cozmo's Guide on Creating and Building a Tulpa's Body

Digital Screen Visualization

Image Streaming

JD's Guide to Visualization

Linkzelda's Image Streaming Guide

Mental image Rendering guide

Perfect visualization from the half-sleep state.

Tulpa Visualization Guide

Visualization Focus Guide


Tips, Tricks, & Resources

Amazing clarity visualization!

Blindfold Trick

Drawing and creating art of your tulpa

Guided Visualization, but not weird

How to Visualize in First Person

kakeli's Guide To Better Visualization

Maxyp's Tips & Tricks (Also an imposition guide)

Meditation aids

Meditation Exercise

Pikuseru's Mind's Eye Trick

Simple visualization exercise

Spice's host's guide to training the minds eye

Teryakywind's Guide to Making the Imagined Real

The "Self I Spy" Game

Tip for Those Struggling to Visualize

Tulpa Anatomy

Visualization with Music

visualizing a composite tulpa




Learning to sense and hallucinate your tulpa in the real world


Community Guides

Guide to imposition/controlled hallucinations (touch)

How to see your tulpa and distortions

Implanting Guide

JD's Guide to Visual Imposition (image heavy)

Mind Synthesis Guide

NED's leash imposition guide

Old imposition guide

Projection: Tulpa-controlled Imposition

q2's method for a huggable tulpa, v2

Tulpa imposition guide


Tips, Tricks, & Resources

A Starting Imposition Guide

Flash Imposition

glitchthe3rd's imposition guide

Holding your tulpa's hand

Imposition via photos

Method for imposing and open eye visuals.

Open eye visualization idea

Pepper's Ghost

Tetris Effect as Visual Imposition Method

The Kamehameha technique

There is no try, only do.

visual imposition tip




Aiding the tulpa and host to let the tulpa to take control of the body


Community Guides

Oguigi & Koomer Possession Starter guide

Possession: By a Tulpa for Tulpas

Possession by Yuki

Possession Explained


Tips, Tricks, & Resources

Mutual Possession

Practice possession easily by playing Simon

The muscle memory




Taking possession one step further and allowing the host to completely detach themselves as the tulpa takes full control on their own


Community Guides

Felights' Fronting Fundamentals | Possession & Switching Guide

Ford's Double Ascended Switching Guide for Elite Class Tulpamancers

Ghost Switching [A Beginner-Friendly Switching Guide]

Guide on how to switch.

Guide to Tulpa Control

How to Switch

Parallel Processing and Personality Switching

Perfect Possession is simple! Here's how to enact it! Great for beginners!

So you wanna switch? Do you, really? Might be able to help that.


Tips, Tricks, & Resources

Tulpa's Practical Considerations for First Switching




Tips that mostly deals with creating or controlling your imaginary mindscape


Community Guides

How to Refocus on Your Wonderland

Meet others in Wonderland - Guide


Tips, Tricks, & Resources

Sophie's Wonderland Tips

The 'Do Not Disturb' technique- How to tell when your tulpa is awake!

Transparent linking

When Things Go Wrong in Your Imagination and How to Fix Them So They Don't

Wonderland: Tips, Tricks, And Basics for Hosts

Wonderland Creation Via Daydreaming

Wonderland immersion method




Miscellaneous guides and tips that don't fit anywhere else


Community Guides

A guide on Lucid Dreaming and Tulpas (v1.1)

Aarix Independence Guide

glitchthe3rd's Servitor Workshop

How to Dissipate a Tulpa

JD's Guide to Telling People About Your Tulpa

Linkzelda's Motivational Tulpa Guide

NoneFromHell's Three task tulpa revitalization exercise

Servitor Creation Guide

TBW's Theraputic Tulpas Guide

the guide from the man, the legend, the one and only....MARIO!

Tulpamancy Glossary

Want a tulpa who is really smart from the start? Follow my method


Tips, Tricks, & Resources

42 1/2 Things to Do with Your Tulpa

Aarix last resort method to belief and tulpaforcing.

Aura's guide for tulpae starting tulpae

Channeling away your worries in the void

Cinemaphobe's Tulpa Journal Concept

Dealing with intrusive imagery

Devolping values for a Tulpa after creation

Finding Lost or Runaway Tulpae in a Cluttered Mind

Jimmy's Pony Creation Thread. Because you were too unoriginal to make your own

Magical thinking, 2-step tulpa creation & other stuff experimental guide

Memories and dream staging

Report on Tulpamancing Advice from the Survey for fluently speaking tulpa

Separation exercise

SKoP's Proxying guide for the Tulpa and host

The child philosophy

The Tulpa Role-Playing Game - Guide V4.4

The Wonderland RPG: Making Persistent Intrusive Thoughts Bearable

Thunder's Guide to Alleviating Doubt

Tulpa Development Kit


Understanding your Tulpa: A healthy Relationship



Guides in Other Languages

Any guide that doesn't have an English version goes here


Gymnasium student training - a guide in Russian (Russian)




Not guides, but might prove to be useful for those who would like to know more about what someone else thinks or has found out about the tulpa phenomenon


A Testimony From a Skeptic

Amadeus' Exodus: A Tale of Tulpa

Are tulpas a mental disorder?

Deconstruction of the Newcomer's Tulpa Mentality

Doubting Sentience due to Time

Healthy multiplicity and Tulpæ

On Forcing: Developing the Consciousness

On Tulpas—an essay about plurality in general and tulpamancy in particular

Peace of Mind in Multiples

Plurality - A Scientific and Philosophical Overview

Remember You Don't Have to Make a Tulpa

Sex—what is the question?

The Abilities of a Tulpa

The Differences Between Us and Tulpae

Theories on Tulpas: How They Function and Why "Parroting" Is Necessary

Tulpa Systems: Why Less is More (Essay)

Tulpae and Humanity

Tulpae and Possession of Host

Tulpamancy description for singlets / Telling your friends you have a tulpa

Tulpas in Paranormal Underground magazine

Walking in Wonderland




Graveyard of guides that no longer exist or are unnecessary in some way or form, here for posterity's sake


A collection of Tips & Tricks about tulpas and tulpamancy in general. (Gone)

A guide compilation. (Guide compilation)

A Tulpa Checklist (Gone)

Chevreul's Pendulum Concentration Exercise (Gone)

Detailed Creation Guide (Early draft)

Fede's Ultimate Superior Tulpa Guide (Gone)

Ganzfeld Voice Imposition (Professional Guide 2.0) (Gone)
Getting There: A Note on Productivity (Gone)

Great Big List of Guides (WIP) (Guide compilation)

Guide for New Members (Guide about forums)

How to Refocus on Your Wonderland (Early draft)

Jean-luc's super-simple guide to a talking tulpa (No personality required!) (Gone)

Linkzelda's Self-Hypnosis Tulpa Guide (Early draft of guide)

LucidAcid's meditative tulpaforcing guide for more productive forcing and stuff (Gone)

Mindscape Overlay method for getting an overall better feel for your tulpa (Gone)

My Meditation habits (Gone)

New Great Big List of Guides (Guide compilation) (Not actually "new" anymore)

Pre-Vocalization Communication Through Possession (Gone)

The illustrious Sock's most perfect guide to mind doll creation (Satire)
The Ultimate Tulpa Guide (Draft)

Tulpa-Sync! (Gone)

Tulpa's DIY tulpamancy guide (Early draft of guide)

Tulpamancy: Guide Into the Strange and Wonderful (Gone)

Tulpa.info Forums; How to Use Them (Guide about forums)

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