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[Imposition] Open eye visualization idea
When in class the other day, I was looking in the window and noticed the reflection in it. I immediately thought of tulpae and how using this might be able to help. (Im horrible at explaining things, so bear with me) so my proposition is to imagine your tulpa in a reflection of some sort, be it water, glass, etc. just not something with too good a reflection. i.e. a mirror. and use that to improve your open eye visualization/visual imposition skills. if anyone can explain this idea better than I did, please, feel free.


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Sounds like a good idea if it helps you, I just don't really see how it would improve visualization.
I see where this is leading. I could imagine Elise on my reflection when she sits on my head or something! We'll give it a try more.
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I don't really see how it would be any easier than imagining them directly in real life, and working out the spatial stuff in a reflection will likely be harder. (At least it's often harder for me when I try to work out where Lyra should appear in the reflection in my bathroom mirror, depending on where she is.)

It would definitely help with working out how they work in relation to yourself though. Plus, imposing reflection will make stuff that much more real.
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You guys aren't seeing the concept.

This is not the first time it was heard, Fede told something about this for imposition, and there was a guy that created a guide to imagine you were in your wonderland and had a camera with flash and everytime you take a picture of your tulpa the flash for a few moments makes the form of your tulpa clear and then quickly fades, and then he just says for you to keep going and take pics until you have the form complete.

This is the same as the OP, you first imagine your tulpa blurried and not exactly clear and then you go defining untill you reach your goal. It's not like it wouldn't help.
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Disapproved. Unclear, less of a guide and more of an idea, as the topic states. Needs fleshing out. [visualizatoin]
Yeah, needs fleshing out but there's no real difference between a proposal for doing something and the guides - they're all proposals, although it's true that some guides have methods in them that already worked... for the creator.
It’s a concept, not a guide. If it works for the user, that’s fine and dandy, but it can be shifted to a Tips sub forum. It’s not like it’s going to be lost in the deep confines of in the first place.

Disapproved for guide submission, approved for Tips shifting.
Sure, I approve for Tips.
Sure tip, try it out, if it works then cool, if not then okay. Approved for tips.
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