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[Focus & Concentration] Stress relief for forcing
This guide is for releasing stress or other things that might be distracting you from concentrating, such as in preparation for forcing. The symbolism I use can be substituted for whatever you want, this is merely my method.

To start, form a fist. Focus on the stress is your body and find where it is residing and imagine it as pooling boiling water. Let the water flow through through your body until it reaches your fist. Let is accumulate and compress and coil around in your fist until you feel it is all there. Then, slowly open your fist and let the water drain out of your hand as if you had held it inside your hand.

If you do try this, please fill out the survey attached to this post and reply with any feedback.

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Helix and Pixel once helped me calm down by drowning me. This is probably better?
I can't imagine a more panic inducing thing than drowning, how exactly did that work?
I detailed it in my progress report, they held me down and it somehow calmed me down.
For those who think symbolism is pretty gay in and of itself, there's always Pranayama. Breathing control, i have found, has pretty cool effects on the mind.
(11-11-2012, 08:13 PM)Lolimancer Wrote: For those who think symbolism is pretty gay in and of itself

Quit reading my mind!

I know the symbolism is stupid, but it seems to work, maybe because of the way you focus. I heard somewhere that soldiers are taught to focus on a hurt part of their body to maintain control longer so a medic can reach them, this is probably related to that.
should be in guides.
(11-11-2012, 11:19 PM)Jimmy Wrote: should be in guides.

Pleeb Wrote:Other people will be reading these guides. If you're unsure if a method you're trying actually works, don't bother posting it. Test your methods, make sure you're not leading someone down the wrong path.

Gotta test it first. I need data.
Moving to Guides because it's a reasonable method. What Pleeb meant was don't post random untested ideas in Guides. You have done this and it works; furthermore it is very similar to generally accepted stress relief methods involving various ways of visualizing the stress flowing out of you. A common variation is imagining breathing it out.

And yeah, symbolism works. It seems to reach the subconscious in ways that words don't.
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Ok, test results are in.
I'm not a hugely stressed person, ever, so this might not be conclusive data. So I closed my hand, and I imagined every bit of stress and tension in my body flowing up through its respective limb, through my chest, and into my hand. I could then feel a somewhat intense heat in the center of my hand, and it started twitching a fair deal. Slowly, I opened my hand, and as if releasing a valve, I could feel the heat, and stress fly out of hand, instead of seeping out like liquid. After, I felt very calm, and visualization was incredibly clear.
I would say it works.

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