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[Forcing] GameForcing
Hello ^^ I am kira. Today I am going to tell you a new way for tulpaforcing and this type of forcing helps in visualization a lot. I am making a tulpa, he is very clear and I can see him from every angle perfectly. I told this to show you that this type of forcing worked for me. For you? You'll have to try it out yourself. One requirement is that your tulpa should be able to move on its own at this point, let's move on to the main topic.

GameForcing: What is this?

Generally, people force by imagining themselves in a wonderland or a void/virtual reality. They tend to imagine themselves as they are in real life and they interact with their mindscape like they would in reality. Honestly, I found it boring. So I came up with a new way to tulpaforce. GameForcing, as I call it, is the same as normal tulpa forcing, but this time you take a gaming remote controller (any type), be it joystick or PS2 or PS3 game controller, and you hold it as if you are playing a game. But in GameForcing you close your eyes, and imagine your mental body in third person (this is optional, it can be first person too) and control it like a game character as if you are playing a game.

How does it develop your tulpa?

Let's concentrate on the visualization part, this time don't try to visualize your tulpa. Try going on solo adventures and work out your visualization skills. Don't worry if your surrounding is blurry at first, just keep on GameForcing and as you immerse in it you may find that the wonderland is way more clearer now.
Once you feel like you have gotten very good at visualizing things, start taking your tulpas with you on your adventures, they may get clearer automatically by now.

Why go for this type of forcing?

Some people have a hard time tulpaforcing because they find it boring and start viewing it as a daily chore. But playing games is fun, who doesnt love it? So, if people started GameForcing, they may start finding tulpaforcing way more fun.

Thanks for taking the time to read all the way till here. Let me know if this works for you guys. Smile

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Worth a shot
Interesting concept. Avid gamers may find it easier to visualize a wonderland that has the look and feel of a video game. This would be especially true I think if the wonderland were based on an environment in an existing game.
Euryale: You know how some games have glitches and stuff? What if you could, like, glitch out the fucking wonderland? Cool!

I don't think we'll use it, 'cause last time Faaade did anything that wasn't her normal daydreamy-forcey-talk-all-the-time stuff, she fell asleep. But that's a neato idea! Might help people who don't like normal forcing, you know?
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Thanks for the feedback guys ^^ . I would like to know the results of your GameForcing, too.

Euryale: That would be awesome indeed! We already tried it and it makes it much more enjoyable ^^

Mistgod: Mhm, Some people tend to leave tulpamancy because it's boring. This method is for them. But the gamers may find it much more enjoyable because they can control their whole game!
Yeah, I actually really like this idea. For clarity, you mean a physical controller, right? I guess the idea is that yeah, like Mistgod said, if you play a lot of video games it makes for easy visualisation. Plus the actual physical controller is a nice anchor, I guess. Maybe you could use a computer keyboard for the same thing, though it would be a bit more awkward. I don't know if the main benefit is really that it's "fun" so much as it probably makes focusing and visualisation easier, but you'd probably know better than me anyway. But yeah, approved.

A few boring things: "tulpa" isn't capitalised unless it's at the start of a sentence. "Let's" and "don't" have an apostrophe. If you want to make your section headings look like headings, you can bold or underline them. Also, you call it 'forcing' but you might want it to be tagged as visualisation instead, because it does seem to be primarily about visualisation. And I don't know if you want this to be a tip or a guide. I'd go for either.
I'd say tips and tricks for this one. Not exactly a full guide, just a new thing to try if you're having problems.

Waffles touched up on the boring things you might want to think about. Definitely change the lack of apostrophes and such for making your text look neater. After that, I'll approve this as well.
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Waffles:I guess i did all the corrections there needs to be. For some reason, i can't underline or change the font size of the text. Other than that, i have put an apostrophe and corrected the word 'tulpa'.
You missed a "tulpa" and a "lets". If you wanna underline or change font size, you can use BBCode tags.
Thanks Smile Now its done i guess.

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