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[Forcing] Great and fun Visualization methods for daydreamers.
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Hey! If you're like me and have difficulty maintaining a visual during a forcing session then I have a few tips for ya.

The idea of this method is to incorporate more senses by replacing your real eyes with the use of your minds eye and acting through your physical self to control your astral self in the WL(Wonderland).
Example: Find a dark room or use a blindfold. Sit or stand, whichever is more comfortable. Understand that if you sit in reality you must also sit in the WL (it helps). Assuming you're sitting, imagine you're sitting on a chair in the centre of a white room. Look down and see your knees, bring your hands up, cover your face, feel the sensations. Remember you are acting with your real body and imagining yourself doing the exact same thing in the WL. I may be explaining this wrong, but simply you are combining the two worlds. I found using this method to greatly improve focus and visualizing my WL as a whole.

Secondly, and personally I like to daydream, especially when I'm going to sleep or napping. I usually create a world where I'm some kind of Warrior or Mage in a fantasy world. What you imagine is up to you, but you want to make this into a game for you and your tulpa, kind of like roleplaying. So imagine this stuff as you normally would but invite your Tulpa along, they might wanna be an Archer or a Mage or something different than you. I guess it becomes like a game. We have fun when we do this and it's also a great forcing session. Try it sometime!

If you have problems understanding these methods let me know, I will attempt to elaborate. Thank you! Big Grin

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Just me or does this thing seem like it's made of parts of other guides and tips we have already approved?
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I really don't see much new information here, just, as Sands mentioned, parts of other guides around the forums. It may be of assistance to newer members, but there's nothing here that anyone with the ability to use the search bar wouldn't be able to find somewhere else on the forums.
GP edit approved 1/3.
Tips and tricks seems fine.
The first tip is definitely redundant. I'm not so sure about the second. It seems familiar but looking through Guides and Tips I can't see it. So it might be approval-worthy for Tips for that one?

Formatting-wise, you need to fix your capitals. "Minds Eye" should be "mind's eye", "Astral Self" should be "astral self", "Tulpa", "Roleplaying", and so on. Being pedantic, "Warrior" and "Mage" might be passable on the strength of their being titles, or names of RPG classes, but I think it's best you just decapitalise them too.
Unusual term usage and may need some editing.

Reluctantly approved for Tips and Tricks, but I think the reader should really consider if they want to develop a habit where their wonderland form is always synchronized to their real body's movements. I can think of quite a few possibilities where this is undesirable or may even lead to accidents. Feel free to do this if you think it's a good idea, but think the consequences through before you do.

Gryphon Flight, I think the new part is the whole synchronizing wonderland movements/actions with real movements/actions. Is it a good/useful idea? Depends on the person, their environment and their needs.
Tips & Tricks.
Tips and Tricks. Barely approving this.
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Disapproved. Shorten it to "Have a fantasy rp adventure with your tulpa."

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