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[Visualization] The "Self I Spy" Game
So this was something that I recently discovered. Rather, this was a game that Amethyst wanted to play with me while we were on a recent train ride. After one or two rounds, I realized how useful it was for visualizing your own tulpa as well as finding the details that you wouldn't notice as easily as the big picture of it all.

Essentially, you will need a tulpa that can talk with you, but I believe that tulpa that can show you pictures/symbols/etc in your head can participate in this as well. The tulpa(s) should be the only one listing the I spy's to you.

Now the tulpa would list a color and you would have to look at them and try to find out what aspect around them is that color. This can be tricky because if their form has a dominant color, such as black for example, then you have to look around and try to guess which black part they are talking about. Other times, the color can be recessive or even something you didn't even realize they had.

For example, Amethyst said she spied something red on my other tulpa, Ruby. I naturally thought her hair, or her blouse, but as I was looking around her, I noticed the bottom of her black high heels/stilettos were red and I picked them out. Amethyst said that that was correct. It was stunning to be honest.

What is also a good trick the tulpa can do is to bluff and say a color that is not on the tulpa. This may seem like a big trick, however it does you more good than you realize. This forces you to look all around your tulpa to confirm of no such color as well as looking and getting all the details of your tulpas' form.

Sometimes, you can list some other aspect aside from color, such as shape. The tulpa can also have you try and guess the color of some non-physical item, for example, Amethyst has a purple aura that isn't normally seen, but only seen when she shows it or when I try to sense it.

So in summary, tulpa lists a detail, which can be true or a bluff, and the host finds that on the tulpa. This is a great way to help those focus on your tulpas' form and helps out immensely, I believe, with visualization. Tell me what you think!
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On: Visualization/Imposition

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Oh, this is an amazing idea. This should definitely help with both visualization and form stabilization.
I can see this working extra well if your tulpa can change clothes.
Scarlet - anime, 8/15/2012
This is a useful trick as a means of using symbolism and feedback with the implications, especially during pre-sentience stages, of the tulpa engaging with the host.

Would be more suited for a tips sub-forum or whatever staff will end up implementing in the future.
This sounds like a good tip for the tips and tricks forum, I'm all for moving this there.
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Yeah, I'll go for Tips on this one.
Approved for Tips section, although could also go in Resources as it's a game. Were it written slightly differently, it could even go in Guides.

Overall, I think this is an useful technique for developing personality as well as it makes you notice more about the tulpa and vice-versa.
It makes you pay attention to qualities you may have not noticed otherwise and lets your tulpa and unconscious mind help towards developing their personality - which I personally think is one of the better ways of doing personality - rather than forcing some particular traits, you discover them by seeing your tulpa express them.
I've actually done this before! Approved for tips and tricks.
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5/11 GAT members have approved of this for Tips & Tricks. Two more are needed for the 60% requirement to shift this.
Approved for tips and tricks.
Approved as a tip.

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