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[Visualization] Drawing and creating art of your tulpa
Drawing or painting a picture of your tulpa can help you a great deal when it comes to improving your visualization skills and it can be a fun activity for both you and your tulpa. If you want to start drawing your tulpa then I suggest meditation and visualizing them for as long as you want to before you feel that you are ready to begin. Let your tulpa know that you are going to draw or paint a picture of them and ask them to help you (mind voice) as you draw. Don't stress over how good or how bad you think your art will be. Don't worry too much or stress over things like body proportions, shading techniques or anything else. Just draw. Be as relaxed and calm as possible as you go about creating art of your tulpa. Have fun and keep in mind that your skills will improve the more you draw.

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I totally agree with this! It can be a very challenging exercise as well to get an image from inside your mind, and translate it to a drawing or painting. If you are artistically challenged, it is even more so. It is worth it the end for a few reasons. One, I believe that drawing your tulpa certainly could qualify as a form of passive forcing, especially if you talk to your tulpa while drawing him or her. Two, you end up with nice portraits of your tulpa that work as a good visual reminder and reinforcement and, again, more passive forcing. Three you get visual references you can share with other people to give them an idea of what your tulpa looks like.

I learned things about my tulpa by drawing and painting her portraits. I had to really think about what I was seeing in my mind's eye. I discovered that Melian has a receded chin, something I had never consciously realized at first. I also realized that she has thick, dark eyebrows for a girl that are a darker color than her hair. I got a better understanding of her eye color by trying to get the portraits to look right. Her eyes are actually very dark. At first I kept trying to make them a lighter blue color and it just didn't look right. There were other things too, more subtle things that are hard to put into words. But yeah it really helped to draw and paint her portraits.

Once I had some reference drawings, I was able to find other artists to try their hand at drawing or painting her. She has now been drawn or painted over 80 times by dozens of artists.
Personally I'm a really crappy artist (I suck at drawing or painting or whatever anything in general) so I honestly like to find different character creator websites that have a bunch of pre-picked and pre-drawn elements and choose the ones closest to how my tulpa looks.

Here's one I made of Kase and I on an anime creator.    
While I do agree that drawing your buddy is a good way to solidify and develop them, this isn't much of a guide submission. Did you intend for this to be a tip?
(06-20-2016, 11:06 AM)Sock Wrote: While I do agree that drawing your buddy is a good way to solidify and develop them, this isn't much of a guide submission. Did you intend for this to be a tip?

Yes. I intended for this to be a tip for visualization. I'm new here and I'm still getting used to this forum.
Huh, looks like I'm not getting alerts for new posts, sorry for taking so long.

But yes, this is a simple tip and I see no reason to not approve it. Also works as something to do together with your tulpa for fun.
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[Tri] We approve this as a tip.

The thing we really like about this tip is how it approaches the issue/fear of a host (or a tulpa who controls the body and made another tulpa) worrying too much about getting the drawing right and therefore not even making one at all. Perfectionism can be a real enemy in such things. We liked that this tip tries to approach it and has some useful advice (e.g. get the tulpa in question involved and get feedback and work on it together).
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Wow, I didn't see this thread at all until now. Sure, this seems decent enough to go into Tips, so I'll approve it.
I'll approve for tips too.
this was actually one of my main techniques in visualizing my tulpa! we found it really helpful, though we did have to go back and change the drawing every so often as she developed

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