Dealing with intrusive imagery

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I was having some trouble with intrusive imagery that wouldn't go away just by ignoring it. That clown from it, to be more precise.

The method I've found to be helpful is to put some reference photo of something else on the computer screen, stare at it then look directly at the intrusive imagery, so that the after image from the monitor would overlay the intrusive imagery as you try to keep it in your mind, and be persistent, it will move to the sides, keep doing it wherever it pops. It's gotten to a point which I don't even remember how the clown looks like anymore. I just get the reference now, the problem is that it seems to morph into something else. It's not as much scary as it is annoying.
Just thought that may be helpful to someone experiencing the same thing.
If you have any better tips for that, please share it too.

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