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[Forcing] A tip for those who have difficulty with long forcing sessions
Many people want to aim for long active forcing sessions, but have difficulty with forcing for the amount of time they want to. Before they hit their target time, they might get tired, become distracted, or run out of things to talk about or do while forcing. The best solution to this is not to just have shorter sessions, because you're probably wanting to have these long sessions for a reason.

Why would somebody want to have long forcing sessions in the first place? Well, long sessions have significant benefits. Most people take a little while to truly get into the "flow" of forcing, or hitting a point where it feels relatively natural and productive. One might be able to better listen to their tulpa in this state or force more effectively. The majority of progress and breakthroughs in tulpa development tend to happen when one gets into this flow. If someone has very short sessions, they may rarely or never reach this beneficial state of mind.

So, what's the solution? You need to work your way up to being capable of forcing for long periods rather than jumping straight into forcing for an hour at a time with no practice.

Pick a short amount of time to start with, such as 15 minutes. Now, you'll need to force for 15 minutes for 2 or more days. The goal here is to make this time spent forcing feel easier that it was when you started. On day 2 of forcing for 15 minutes, it may get a little bit easier. On day 3, it may seem significantly easier than it was on day 1. You may need to extend this number of days if the improvement each time is not very noticeable. Just keep going until it is very noticeably easier than it was on day 1.

Now, increase the forcing time and repeat this process. Say you increase it to 30 minutes. Force for 30 minutes for a few days until it feels much easier than it was when you started forcing for 30 minutes.

Keep it up, increasing the time from 45 minutes, to 1 hour, to even longer depending on what your target time is. You will notice that forcing for your desired time is much easier than it was when you tried to do so without any buildup.

I hope this will be helpful for some. Let me know what you think of this tip.

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This is actually really good advice because it's so simple and it does work, it's also the exact method that meditators will tell you to use to work your way up to longer sits. I might add that for some people, especially those like me who bore easily and get fidgety and restless, you might want to increase your sessions in 5 minute chunks instead of 15.
This is very helpful, even after 4 months, active forcing for long periods is still difficult.

I have read this before, "flow", can you please explain it as you ubderstand it?  How is it different than active forcing for short periods where you say it doesnt necessarily happen?
(08-31-2018, 07:16 PM)Angry Bear Wrote: I have read this before, "flow", can you please explain it as you ubderstand it?  How is it different than active forcing for short periods where you say it doesnt necessarily happen?
In meditation it takes about 10-15 minutes to 'get into it', as in for the frequency of your brain waves to change to theta. I think this is what OP means. A 5 minute meditation session isn't enough time to get into this state which is why building up to longer sits is necessary. This principle applies to tulpaforcing too because they are basically the same thing, focusing your attention on one thing.
Oh, right. I see that side of it now, thanks. I practice meditation to get into a hypnagogic state. It takes a little time. My tulpae "recite" the exercise and i concentrate on relaxing.

So in that sence i do reach flow eventually.
Is this ever going to be reviewed? I submitted it over a month ago.
(09-20-2018, 10:26 PM)Abvieon Wrote: Is this ever going to be reviewed? I submitted it over a month ago.

I think the last GAT member to be active was Waffles, and I don't really know any body else on the GAT... It takes a really long time for stuff to get approved nowadays. I think Piano's posession guide took a good month or two before finally getting GAT attention.

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I think the idea that building oneself up to larger tasks gradually, rather than diving headfirst and failing, is something positive that can be applied to many things besides tulpamancy.

It's fairly well-written and succinct. Approved for tips & tricks.
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My main issue with this is that it's so basic and doesn't really answer alot of the difficulties that even you present in your opening. I could summarize this entire half page tip into one sentence: "Slowly increase how much time you put into your forcing sessions." It isn't bad advice, but it's woefully incomplete. It's not JUST time that gets someone into the "flow." If it were just time, Enny would have a super saiyan god super saiyan tulpa. You need to give advice on how to fill that time for this to be complete. You mention tiredness, lack of focus, and running out of topics. Address those, or remove them from your introduction.
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