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[Misc] Magical thinking, 2-step tulpa creation & other stuff experimental guide
Magical thinking, 2-step tulpa creation & other stuff experimental guide by Cass & K8
It's nothing fancy, but those things were on our minds lately and we wanted to share.

EDIT: Mirrored - waffles

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I think this, in it's current state, doesn't give us anything new enough or extensive enough to be worth putting in guides. I think you could benefit from adding a lot more about magical thinking (EDIT: or what you consider magical thinking to be, renaming it might also help, as sushi mentioned) , maybe even add your own experiences in there for reference. I also think you should put more emphasis on the idea that you don't necessarily have to follow guides, because from the way I read it, it sounded like you shouldn't do anything that the guides tell you or advise you to do. I get where you're coming from, but it could be explained better, I think.

Approved for Tips & Tricks.
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I suggest changing the title, because Magical Thinking is already a thing. For example, visualizing sending energy to your tulpa might be a form of forcing with magical thinking. Or making a prayer wheel or sigil for you tulpa. Or repeating your tulpa's name as a mantra.

Your section numbering is also a bit confusing. You have big sections, and small sections composing one of those big sections, but you use the same numbers for both. Try using numbers for one, and letters or Roman numerals for the other.

I definitely wouldn't put this in guides. Tips, perhaps.
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Yeah I was expecting you to tell us about psi or rituals or whatever. And yeah, like sushi said, your sections look like they go 0 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 3. I think proper spacing and typesetting for the headings would fix it.

Anyway, short and sweet, I'll approve for Tips.
I did like the covering what could be considered good and bad reasons for making a tulpa.

I also liked the mention of your tulpa and wonderland only vein limitit by the boundaries of your imagination,

As others said its nothing new but I still like it.
its interesting how misleading the typesetting can be - the last part literally begins with "WHY YOU SHOULDNT CREATE A TULPA" in bold.
Short and nothing too new, but doesnt add enough content to stand alone as a guide so I'll say its tipoworthy for now.
Well the badging is pretty silly and absolutely unnecessary. It is against the rules of the forum, but as technically this is outside it, I guess it might be allowed to slide. Still, considering how you're using it in your member title, I feel like it's a fair warning.

Anyways. This is tips and tricks material and while it's hardly a new thing as others have said, I don't think we currently have any "it's your imagination so use that, it's the only thing making stuff happen and also stopping stuff from happening" kind approved yet. The "imagine perfect visualization" thing might be the closest one, but that's just visualization and the one I'm thinking of never got approved. There's one thing that I find weird about your text, though. You say that it's only the host's imagination that limits tuppers (and the host). That, I believe, is incorrect. After all, doesn't the tupper's own imagination also limit themselves? Assuming that you aren't claiming that the host is the tulpa, but as you do agree that they should talk and act without the help of their host, I feel like that would also include things like influencing themselves with poor mindsets. A tupper can stop themselves from doing something just because they think they can't do it even if the host does.

The second thing is your title. This isn't magical thinking as it's another thing Sushi linked, which is very different. So it's misleading. If you don't know about the real magical thinking though, your title is still misleading. I came here thinking that I am going to have to tell you that everything magical should go to the meta boards as the rules say. Imagine how many people will not read this because they think it's some magic shit? It's a poor title that will drive away your readers - or attract the crowd that also won't find it helpful because it has no magic.

I suggest you consider my suggestions. I could approve this as is, sure. But I feel like I would want you to think of these points first. They're rather minor things, but big enough that by changing things, you could help more people. The points of fixing how you number things also is a valid one, as has been said by the others. And while we get what you mean by ignoring the guides, you do seem to be saying both "don't follow them at all" and "only use the parts you like" at the same time, which is confusing.
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What's badging?
When you [badge] your tulpa's (or host's) name and their words instead of treating them like any other person whose words you are typing up.
The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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