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Could a autist make a neurotypical tulpa?

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I've just been wondering if someone makes a tulpa if the mental disabilities the host might have will pass onto the tulpa or if the tulpa will be mentally sound. Like if a autist made a tulpa that was intended to be neurotypical would it work or would it be impossible since the autist can't understand normal thought?

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It slightly depends on which kind you're talking about. Depression for example does not always affect the tulpas in a system (although it can), and then when switching, they may be more resistant to those thought patterns than the host. But unfortunately with things like autism, the brain can't just magically change how it works and make that not affect tulpas. So, the more "mental" disorders that are more about thought patterns and all can have less or even no effect on tulpas (though again, a tulpa could also be depressed along with the host, it's just up to who they are), but the more "neurological" disorders at best might be coped with better by a tulpa, but not entirely circumvented or anything.


That said, with say autism or mostly mental-based disorders/personality disorders, tulpas acting as a second perspective on things can still help someone out a lot, exercising your brain's ability to see things from a different (or someone else's) perspective. So tulpas can help quite a bit with various problems, though they won't be able to cure you of something that's not purely mental but actually neurological.

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I strongly suspect all tulpas in a system are affected by the disability the host has. If the host is autistic, their tulpas are autistic. If the host has depression, their tulpas have depression. However, this will become more obvious once the tulpa switches in.


Mental health conditions aren't designed to examine your headmate's symptoms in the back, but tulpas can be affected by their host or primary fronter's mental health. For instance, severe depression may manifest as communication issues and a moody tulpa in-head. Typically being in the back puts you in a more detached state, so the experience tends to not be as severe. Additionally, if the tulpa is detached from the reasons a host is feeling anxious or depressed, a tulpa is likely to display few if any symptoms


On 7/6/2023 at 12:00 AM, Least insane hoi4 player. said:

would it be impossible since the autist can't understand normal thought?


Hm? I see no reason an autistic person isn't capable of understanding "normal" thoughts. From a very literal point of view, autistic people are capable of having mindvoice, visualization, and raw thought/tulpish experiences. As far as social norms, understanding social cues is unrelated to your ability to process information. For more severe forms of autism, they tend to have a much stronger sensory experience, so they could imagine what it's like to be "normal" while someone who's "normal" probably can't understand an autistic person's experiences.

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