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By all means, suggest a response to his message.


After re-reading both your original message and Gerlach's response, I personally wouldn't even bother with a reply. It doesn't seem like he read your link or he would understand the methods on this site don't (generally) support a 'mystical' slant.


But if you're still curious about what kind of input he can offer, here's what I'd follow with:


  1. Mr. Gerlach,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I wanted to clarify that the site I linked does not promote the concept of mystical tulpas; it only uses the term to easily label the practice of creating sentient thoughtforms through focused meditation. The site maintains an established psychological approach.
    I couldn't help but notice correlations between your techniques and those contributed by members of the site. [notable guide links and brief descriptions optional but potentially useful] I/we are very interested in any tips, insight or other feedback you may have regarding differences or similarities in our respective approaches.
    [a couple inquiries go here to express obvious curiosity and entice him to give input]
    [formal closing words]


I hope that's of some use. Feel free to rearrange, reword or totally redo the syntax.


The closing questions seem particularly important since I get the impression Gerlach would be better able to assist someone who's approaching him with a direct prompt.

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PTW, and I think that would be a relatively good letter to write in response to his response. Brief descriptions could include things like selecting personality traits for your tulpa, focusing on them and meditating, eventually being able to talk to them, etc.

My tulpa is Gracia, a female human.

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I basically figured this out when I started creating the characters that eventually became my tulpas. Each was developed from core fragments of my personality, and that was how I thought of it too.

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