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A Bit of a Narration Guide

How does negative sentiment during narration affect a tulpa?  

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  1. 1. How does negative sentiment during narration affect a tulpa?

    • It doesn't
    • Distracts the host
    • Makes the tulpa feel bad
    • Negatively affects the tulpa's development

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What if the tulpa doesn't have a name yet?


Man give them a nickname or something. Or just skip that part if it's obviously not applicable, or keep using "you", or whatever.

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Approved, I don't need to give a 12-page critique on this. I think Sands just saw this as a FAQ in one thread, though I'm not sure if it was actually him or not, so maybe he can confirm that to me.


Other than the "idiot" thing that would just be nitpicking with the GAT guidelines and all that, still gets my approval either way. It definitely is a reminder for people to actually use their brains and find an assortment of activities to narrate to their tulpas.

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I think Sands just saw this as a FAQ in one thread, though I'm not sure if it was actually him or not, so maybe he can confirm that to me.


I don't even know what you asked here.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Well you'd really have to give me something to work with so I can get the memory going but I don't really know what you said there, so. I guess we should stop shitting up the thread for now though.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Okay wow doublepost and actual GAT stuff.


I do like the FAQ (had to mention it just for you Linkzelda) and the guide in general. Simple and to the point, doesn't go on and on about something. It says just what it needs to say and that's all we need.


Well personally I'm not someone who really puts such emphasis on names in general, so I'm not sure how important the name part is. Also, you talk about getting some kind of idea of your tulpa and you talk about the form and the personality to get the "feel" for them. I guess that's how you did it but do you think you could write something about just feeling and narrating to the presence of the tupper, if that makes any sense? Not everyone wants to make a personality I guess and for people like me, narrating to a form was just distracting when starting out. And I don't think I'm the only one who has narrated to just the >feels. But if you think you can't really do anything with it then welp. Unless it was already implied somewhere and I missed it.


Despite that stuff, I would approve this anyways. But you might want to think of my >feels.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Well Sands I guess the whole 'concept of tulpa' is the same thing as 'presence' in later stages. I think if you can narrate to ~feels~ then you probably don't need a guide for it, so I'd rather keep it simple and address it to those who do.


Anyway I'll not vote because it's my guide.

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    • By OrdoVsInfo
      So i started development of a tulpa about 2.5 days ago and she's been progressing very rapidly. The first day I spent forcing I came up with a placeholder form and name to help visualize ( I called her Tulp before she chose her own ) and embedded that form with some basic traits i wanted her to be built around and started narateing and parroting her responses. a while later she began to answer me with yes and no. she told me later she knew I would think I was still parroting if she just answered normally so instead since she already knew what i was going to say she interrupted me while i was relaying the thought to her. The next day I tried talking to her more and she started to diversify her vocabulary a bit with words like sure, uh-huh, nope, or nah. Later that day I asked her how she was feeling and she responded with happy. Whenever I ask questions that require more than one word to answer though I feel like i'm definitely parroting because the responses are exactly what I thought she'd say and they don't sound or feel like her. Later that day we talked about what kinda form she wanted and she decided she's 6'2", has black medium length hair, fair skin, a wide mouth and a perky nose. I also asked her what her favorite primary color is and she said yellow. We'll keep working hard and i'll post more updates as they come!
      i forgot to mention that i created a mindspace for us that consists of my room and her room ( witch she decorated all b herself! ) and outside is a street and on the other side of that is a park. the street cuts off on both sides and the entire rest of the area is covered in grass as far as the eye can see. Tulip spends a lot of time in the park and also likes to draw things from my memories sometimes.
    • By Celest
      Greetings. I wouldn't say that I'm an advanced tulpamancer in the slightest. In fact, I'm still just learning things, myself, but during the drive home today, an idea had struck me that I put to the test, and began to see results with. I thought that I would share it here to see if others have tried it, or might be able to build upon this and share results.
      For some beginning tulpamancers, early forms of communication from their tulpa mainly stems from headpressures. I am one of those. Normally, during everyday narration, I try to put some yes/no, positive/negative questions in there to get a response from Vinyl, and normally I do. However, I didn't want myself to become dependent on keeping things that way, in case I was only training myself. So, what I did was I told Vinyl, "We're going to change things up a bit. Instead of poking my left temple with pressure for positive and the right for negative, we're going to reverse them. Now, if you like something, poke the right, and if you dislike something, poke the left."
      The results were immediate for me. I had turned on a music playlist that we're familiar with listening to that has some of her favorite tracks on it. I asked her to tell me if she liked the upcoming song that she had previously 'mentioned' to me before that she has. The result was headpressure on the right instead of the left, and not a weak one, either! Things continued that way, answering yes/no on the corresponding sides of my head.
      Basically, my tip for beginners is to try and vary up how you perceive responses from your tulpa. If you're familiar with one method for a while, surprise yourself and your tulpa with a slightly different approach to the same method, and see if the results come out in high favor.
      Another tip that I have started practicing, and I feel as if it is working wonders for me, does involve the use of parroting and puppeting during the beginning stages of raising your tulpa. Mind you, I can definitely understand how there can be doubt when it comes to using these tricks. Is it still you puppeting or parroting down the line, or is it your tulpa?
      Something that I've been doing is if you're going to parrot your tulpa, or puppet them, let them know that you're going to. How I see it, it's common sense, however that doesn't mean that it isn't always done. I feel that if you start everything off knowing that it is you, and you discuss it to your tulpa first, and when you're done, that you tell them that you're no longer going to puppet/parrot them, you put yourself into a mindset that it can only happen while you have control over it. Thus, if your tulpa replies to you, you've already closed off your thinking that you're still in control of it. Sure, it might involve a bit of training your mind to perceive it that way, but it's definitely worked for me, and perhaps it will for you, as well.
      If you are one who uses headpressure for communication, something that may or may not help you along the path to vocality is implementing more responses for your tulpa to work with. In general, most people start off with positive/negative responses on either side of their head. What I've done recently was added a front/back for OK and 'IDK'. It's worked out rather well for me, and it gives your tulpa a bit more freedom to express themselves. I'd say start off with your basic positive/negative, and if the two of you are comfortable/ready, add more responses.
      Another thing that I noticed earlier today is that some people will go on an 'absense' with their tulpa, so that when they try working with them again, they run into complications getting things back to where they were. I am no tulpa expert in the slightest, but what I do that helps keep things going smoothly is that I passive force daily. As long as you can find even one spare minute a day, that's all that you would need to greet your tulpa, let them know that you still acknowledge their existence, maybe bring up how the day is going, or what you are feeling. It doesn't matter how busy you are in a day, there's always going to be some straggling moments that you can squeeze in a greeting or mini-convo. Doing this, I believe, should help keep the relationship between you and your tulpa consistent.
    • By Cosmic Cuttlebone
      Well, I've lurked, and I've lurked, and then I've lurked some more.
      I've read pretty much every guide there is. But now it's time to actually get to work
      Problem is... Well, you see, I'm lazy. Like, really really lazy. I also have a habit of hesitating and second guessing myself. I can also get a little distracted. Sometimes.
      So, I'm starting this little journal here.
      I'll try to add a post here periodically, even if it is relatively short. At least in the beginning. Cultivating this small habit will hopefully force a little discipline.
      Typing it all out will hopefully solidify my thoughts. Yell at me if don't keep this up. :Þ
      That being said. Lets start:
      Why am I doing this? What do I hope to gain?
      Well a companion for one. I don't have that much trouble making friends, but I have trouble keeping and maintaining connections. I've quite often drifted or grown apart from many people in my life. I'm a bit socially awkward, maybe even a bit socially anxious in some respects. I can certainly hide it, but the more people are around, the more I find myself wishing I was somewhere else, doing something else. It's not that I hate people, I don't.  And I don't plan to stop making connections with physical people. I just don't have the physical or mental energy to deal with too many people for too long.
      Still, the opportunity for someone to understand me on a truly deep level that no one else can is very enticing. I can only hope that I'll be, and remain, worthy of this connection.
      This will also be a bit of an ego journey for me. A chance to better know and understand myself as well as my future headmate. having someone to share this journey with will make it much more enjoyable.
      Also add to that the opportunity to learn first hand an experience that seems rather alien at first glance and that I'm already a creative person, this becomes less of a choice and more of an inevitability.
      The start
      Right now I have a name and very loose, general idea of who I hope this tulpa will be.
      Staying within the tradition of opposite genderedness in tulpamancy, "Hazel" will start female. This will help me differentiate her thoughts from mine.
      A couple main traits I will be cultivating are:
      Compassion- A personal code I like to live by is if someone needs or asks for help and I am able to do so, then I will help. Lessen the suffering of others. Having her share in that will make it simpler to coexist. This will also encourage many positive traits
      Curiosity- a desire to learn and grow will help develop her and push her to be self sustaining
      Outspokenness-  to encourage vocality.
      this is not exhaustive just some major points
      What I won't be forcing:
      Love- From what I understand, most tulpas tend to be already naturally very caring towards their hosts. Also love, I feel, needs to develop naturally. Making someone love me just feels weird. plus that is a pressure I wouldn't want on anyone. Still, I'm sure my subconscious may still add this to the list regardless.
      Lust- same
      I don't have much of a form for her yet. I've had some ideas but none are really sticking. It is humanoid though. Freckles and dark hair are also coming to mind. That could just be my attraction to them.
      I will, of course, accept any deviation from her. Encourage it, even.
      The Method
      I'm a very secular being by nature. Still, the mind loves symbols and most of the tulpamantic process is extremely symbolic. As such, I'll be taking some inspiration from the occult, particularly chaos magic.
      I love symbols, glyphs, and sigils. This is a representation of my intent to create a thoughtform. It is a seed or an egg as the round shape suggests. A beginning. Small and empty at first, but as time goes on, I'll be altering it and adding to it. It will slowly grow as she grows. In time, I may pass it to her. I'm creative by nature so this will just be a natural part of my creative process. The dotted outline suggests openness, inviting life to enter. The geometric shapes invoke a crystalline structure to "trap" the energy or qualities being cultivated. (Again, I'm not a proponent of metaphysics, but the symbology here is very useful).
      I will use and meditate on this as an aid while I cultivate her development. I'm not too fond of the term 'forcing' at all, so I'll use the term 'cultivate' as it way better describes the process: to raise, to grow, to prepare, do develop, to improve, to acquire. It brings to mind watering and tending to a garden. This will further put me in the right mindset. (I also have mixed thoughts on the terms tulpa and tulpamancy but I have no desire to get into a fight with the entire lexicon).
      Wish me luck.
    • By kiyomochie
      Hello everyone!! I’m Ren, pretty new here (been lurking on the site for a few months but never made an account). I actually got introduced to the idea of tulpamancy through Danganronpa V3, by Korekiyo Shinguuji. Funnily enough, guess who’s now my tulpa?... Yep. Korekiyo himself!! So I guess I’ll be putting my progress with him here. 
      Kiyo’s been around for a month and a half now. His growth has been rapid. I never really had anything in my mind blocking his existence, so it was pretty easy for him to develop sentience (or at least what we consider sentience) in a short amount of time. Our wonderland was also formed in a matter of days, but Kiyo has been adjusting it as he sees fit, so who knows what it looks like now? 
      He’s also been working on vocality, being really pushing to adopt his voice. He sounds, looks, and acts exactly like the character.. so maybe he’s a fictive? Either way, Kiyo’s aware that he and that character are not the same being, but he considers himself to be a reincarnation of the character, without the trauma and suffering. 
      He’s really interested in anthropology, of course, and since that’s the career path I want to pursue as well (I’m 15), we’ve been reading a lot of anthropology books together. It’s quite a positive experience, although he does sometimes get annoyed with me when I don’t read them for while, and starts being REALLY sarcastic. It’s okay, though.
      When I get into arguments with my parents, Kiyo is with me, urging me to keep my cool and not waste my time on them. I wonder if he looks down on them? When he especially disagrees with them, he calls them “petty idiots”. I don’t have any issues with my parents, I love them more than anything, but Korekiyo gets mighty judgemental of people he doesn’t trust, and it takes him a long time to trust someone. But, he doesn’t ever wish harm on anyone, and shows no urges to lash out, rather wishing for me to do the opposite. So I’d say it’s rather inconsequential.
      Kiyo can sort of talk through me. What I mean by that is that he tells me what he wants to say, and I type it out. But more often than not, I have a general idea of what he wants to say without him saying anything to me. When I ask him about it, though, he confirms that that is what he was saying. So maybe we just mentally communicate really fast?
      I can definitely make out a difference between my texting pattern and his, and it’s not a conscious choice- when I’m typing for Kiyo, I don’t have to think out what he says, although he speaks in a much more formal manner than I do. It just kinda comes to me naturally, as though he is speaking through my fingertips. Really interesting!
      We want to get better at possession (or more accurately, we want to be able to do it at all). Any tips from experienced tulpamancers? Also, encouraging notes are appreciated, by both me and Kiyo.
      (Also, I included an edit I made of him! SPOILERS!!)

      IMG_4885.MP4 IMG_4885.MP4 Good day to all! Bye!  
    • By Renesmee
      Hi! Renesmee here. So, today I created Rosalie (placeholder name). I introduced myself during an active-forcing session and then sent an email to an account I set up so I could email her for forcing. I'm feeling encouraged and optimistic. More reports as events warrant!
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