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How many people have a complete tulpa atm?

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You don't know what having one is like, ergo you can't pass judgement on people with two.


I have one completed tulpa and one who is slowly but surely being imposed.

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I'll be naughty and allow myself to make a little OT.

FAQ. While You were working on Your second Tulpa, did first one participated in the proces of creation?

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Not really? He encouraged it, and he wanted it to happen but he didn't really help at all. We both agreed on the form and name.

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I'd like to see some in-depth descriptions and explanations of completed tulpae and their sentience emergence from those with them. All I know is Irish's is named Alice I think, and I don't know anything about FAQ_Man's.


Yeah, I think it would inspire confidence if guys who have already completed tulpae to share experience.

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