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Finding Lost or Runaway Tulpae in a Cluttered Mind

Guest Hecatontango

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Disapproved for Guides, blank vote for Tips.



There's little to no meat to this guide and most of it is personal symbolism. Could it work? Sure.


But you know what else would work? Remembering your tulpa's presence/essence/how they feel and just talking to them in your mind while expecting them to hear you. Since you share a brain, they'll end up getting your messages unless they're purposefully trying to ignore you, but even that can be hard if you're too noisy. As mayormorgan said, they could be "asleep" (not thinking) or ignoring the physical senses and focusing on their own thoughts - in either case, it's possible to grab their attention or "wake them up".


Just make sure to focus properly and work on your communication skills. I doubt you could truly "lose" a tulpa, unless you completely forgot everything about them.

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6/9 Disapprove for Guides.


Even though there's a clear instruction for the symbolism, it's a contradicting way to go about communicating, or "finding" your tulpa, so I'm not sure on it even being Tips & Tricks. It's just that if one builds predispositions of their mind being cluttered, and their tulpa having to be extracted or saved all the time from that, seems kind of counterproductive honestly.



So it will be unsticked by the end of the deadline.

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