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For those with dragon tulpa

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Guest Anonymous

This is pretty cool! Don't have a dragon tulpa, but it'd be fun to make a Dragon NPC for Snow and Celicia to ride every now and again. Thanks for sharing!



Moon Shooter ;D

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Guest Anonymous

This is pretty cool! I made one for Syl, but she's a lot longer.




Don't mind the "wyndbain", I was too lazy to cut it out.


That dragon be rowin' and fightin' the power real good.

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I have 2 tulpas, both of which are dragons and I love both of them. One of them is natural and the other I created more or less to give the other attention when I can't. They are called Altor Cordis (natural) and Curo Lunam (Created)



Altor: This is my look. I was around since my host was born and I took on this form which was the first dragon he had seen in his life. At least one of the bigger dragons, not those cartoon ones on shows sometimes :P



Curo: Hi, this is basically how I look. I am female and my host was inspired mostly by Saphira from Eragon, although not quite as feathery on the wings :P

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Wep ,this is not drawn by me ,this is drawn by a friend.Meet clicker : )


this is drawn by me.....

yes this is very bad......



Tupla: Clicker the dragon, H, and twisted 

Clicker: im a silly playful girl that loves songs but i will try my best to not annoyed my host (Dragon wolf)

H: .....im a gray dragon with blue horns i guess?...i like nature...? (Gray small dragon)



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