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Don't worry to much about it, when I started I was losing concentration within a sentence or two (while narrating).

The main thing that will help you is probably practice, it will get a lot easier whith time, but a thing you can try is meditation:

Just sit down, or lay down if you want to, and concentrate on your breathing.

If you lose concentration just bring it back to the breathing.

That's it, do it for as long as you feel confortable and then force.

I find 10 minutes more than enough, but feel free to do as much as you want.


Also little tip I found: If you have to scratch yourself or move often, meditate for 2-3 minutes and then try to make your bodyparts feel numb. Start with your legs and try not to feel them anymore,

then do the same with your hands and arms.

After you did that for a minute (it really doesn't take much time) keep meditating, you might still feel like scratching your head or something similar sometimes but it will be a lot easier to just keep forcing because it will just be to much borther to raise your hands and scratch.


Also fede's pink noise isn't bad, I use it to override external noises. It's just static, so it won't distract you from forcing (at least not too much).

For the other tones, my brain just decided to crush my faith in them yesterday, so nothing to say about that. Probably mostly placebo.


2nd edit: (I always forget something) If you still have problems try breaking up the forcing in various shorter sessions, I found myself doing 2-3 10 minutes sessions instead of one massive one in the last days.

You probably won't go as "deep" though.

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