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Hi, intro and a question, Reasons to create a Servitor?

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Call me Aku (悪)


Hi, im a noob, but am really positive about the whole concept and am working on becoming a contributing member to the community, im all for study and science and will gladly help test and possibly add to any research that you want to throw my way.


Now the question, i dont lnow if this has been asked, and when i use search bar i get no result im looking for, so maybe you can pool together for this one, anyone who has experience on the suject "WHY CREATE A SERVITOR" include uses, etc




Tulpa - Yukai Shi (Yuka) しゆかい (ゆか)

Form - Shapeshifter

Working on viualization and vocalization

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You might want to read glitch's Progress Report and Servitor Workshop thread.

I'm pretty sure he's nuts though.

"If this can be avoided, it should. If it can't, then it would be better if it could be. If it happened and you're thinking back to it, try and think back further. Try not to avoid it with your mind. If any of this is possible, it may be helpful. If not, it won't be."


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Here's a link to Glitch's thread.



That said i've heard of a lot of uses for servitors. I'll list what i can but it is not a comprehensive list, just some ideas of the possibilities.

- Possession and driving

- h.u.d display

- clock function

- wonderland maintenance

- Navigation

- Scheduler

- hormone and neurotransmitter release

- optical zoom

- facial recognition

- math

- targeting and threat recognition

"The way is in training."

- Miyamoto Musashi

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