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Tulpas and sleep

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This is probably wildly inaccurate and off the wall insane but I had this idea today. It also in some way tries to combine science and the metaphysical side of tulpas, anyway:

Scientists continue to be unable to fully agree on why human beings sleep, there are many debated theories ranging from restoring the body to restoring the mind etc etc.


Lets say, that sleep is for the mind and the mind only. Paired with the knowledge that a host and tulpa can switch, theoretically this means that a host and tulpa(s) could effectively go for days weeks or even months technically without sleep.


What I mean, is some sort of "shift" system or cycle.

The host is in charge of the body for 16 hours or so, and then the host and tulpa switch, so the host can get some rest in the wonderland while the tulpa controls the body.


I think this is an interesting idea that could do with some actual research, unless its already been researched and I'm arse at finding things.

Anyone else agree or have any other viewpoint or anything to add?

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There has been a research on sleep deprivation effects.

While body after a while died of metabolism problems, after analysis it turned out that brain was virtually unharmed.

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Unharmed physically and permanently? Thinking sure is "harmed"... but that is an energy thing I think.. gaining energy helps with that. Interesting.. I remember reading that your brain does things while you sleep that it doesn't do fully while you are awake so sleep is certainly good for your body.

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You're smart to be thinking that way, but unfortunately, no.


It would cause a lot of health (mental, physical, and otherwise) problems just like sleep deprivation does. If sleep was only necessary to restore the body, it could, in theory, work, but unfortunately that is not the case.


Personally, I only sleep about six hours in my average 36 hour time period anyway, including experiments and lucid dreaming out of boredom. The rest of my...rest...comes from meditation exercises and active forcing. I would rather not have any more health issues, especially mental, than I'm already dealing with, anyway.

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Well, first off, meditation can replace sleep -- but not all sleep. There are a number of bad side effects to not getting enough sleep, and many of these will hit you even if you're meditating. I strongly suspect that even if someone switches with their tulpa for the sleeping hours, they will still feel many of these effects. But of course I'm not switching yet, so I can't say for sure.

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There was a tulpa and host pair that did this for a while. As far as I know, they had to sleep at some point.

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