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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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Welcome, Mary and Seira! ~


And welcome to you too, Twfivthroee! Don't worry about your language skills. English isn't my first language either! This can be a good place to improve :>


hi hi :>

~ we are nie (host) and Laurence (tulpa) ~

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Hey everyone, my name is Saturnfox
Just joined recently; and is in fact my first time joining/using an old-school forum like this (apart from 4chan/reddit). I had discovered the Tulpa phenomenon a while ago; however only about 2 months ago did I commit to the path of making and maintaining a relationship with a tulpa; so as of right now i'm forcing while trying to balance my school and home/work responsibilities.
As for my tulpa, her name is Hailey. Originally, she had come to me in a vivid dream that I had five years ago, and upon discovering tulpamancy recently; I decided to bring her into this world. It's been a bit tough doing so with the way my life has been going, however I have a responsibility to fulfill to her. Here, i'd like to find guidance and support from those who are more experienced than me, and to get the know the community here well (^w^)/
Thank you!

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This is Winnie! (Talkin' for Cathy too, she aint fully vocal yet, though she is still sentient.) Bit new here, fell into the subject from seeing a comment on a uh... TADC Post on Reddit. The ideas of it all really fascinated me, and I was starting to wonder if I could do it myself! So, I started my journey and I have made good progress so far! Funny enough, another friend named her, because I am terrible at names.

Cool alternate timeline idea; what if people stopped making a million "What if the Axis won?" stories

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Hello peeps!

I was pretty active on this site about a year and a half ago. Haven't been in awhile, but trying to get back online.

I have a bunch of tulpas: Rena, Eddie, November, Safaira, Hex/Harlow, Evan and Jaisha. 



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