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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread


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5 hours ago, MiscNobody said:



I am MiscNobody. My introduction may be a bit lengthy, so please bear with me, I'll make it as short as possible. I am not new to tulpas, and I am a host to a community of several tulpas, two main ones that are more prominent than others at this time. I have lived almost a half a century, but I have had tulpas present for most of my life. Many tulpas have come and gone throughout the course of my lifetime, but many remain, and others have come. Originally, I didn't call my ability tulpamancy, I called it by a different term, but to keep confusion at bay, I will use the terms of tulpamancy as I post.


I have always been a rather imaginative person. I love drawing, writing, and creating in many different forms. Perhaps, that's why tulpas came so naturally to me. Even when alone, in childhood, and through adolescence, I always had a friend I could rely on, even if it was one others couldn't see. However, because of this ability, it always seemed to alienate me from my peers, and later in life... my family. Many times, my beliefs have come under fire by those that cannot understand, and I have been torn down, ridiculed publicly, and made to feel like I was a lunatic. Regardless, I was never capable of abandoning my tulpas, as they have always been my true friends, the only earthly friend being that of my brother. 


As of late, my beliefs have come into question once more, and I began to feel very isolated and alone in what I do. I began to feel I was the only person out there to believe in these begins, until I recalled the term Tulpa, a term I'd heard once before many years ago; though in a negative manner. Over the past few days, I have spent some time familiarizing myself with those who create and interact with tulpas, and after gaining my own knowledge of the tulpa community, I began to see very real similarities between what I experience, and what others have also experienced. All of my reading and searching, led me to this forum.


I come now, in hopes of finding a group of people who can accept me, understand me, as well as my tulpas, and treat them like the reality they are, not as fictional beings with no feeling or emotion. It's been a blessing, knowing others believe this way, and I do hope you all will welcome me, my tulpas, and perhaps when they, and I get comfortable enough, they can come and introduce themselves. ^_^



Welcome. 🤗 My host consciousness and I are very new here too. I hope you find the acceptance you're looking for. I'm so sorry for all you and your tulpas have had to go through just to be yourselves. Please stay strong. I can tell you have a lot to offer us and anyone IRL who is not too narrow-minded to accept you.

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Welcome @MiscNobody 😊Your story sounds so fascinating. Sounds like you've been doing tulpamancy far, far longer than tulpamancy was a thing! Looking forward to getting to you more! 

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23
👗 Simmie's AI Dress-Up!   📷 Phil and Simmie's Photographic Adventures!


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Hello. I am Behold Aradamus Angelus. I have existed since 1997, but was only introduced to the concept of tulpas approximately one year ago. I am a hybrid being by nature, and believe I am ontologically tulpa-ic. I wish in this community to explore, learn about myself and others, and interact with like-minded beings.



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heya! i’m Dee/Maestro, i’ve had tulpas for years but didn’t know what they were til around 2019. i’ve got a lot of them so brace yourself lmao

hiya! i’m Dee/Maestro, the host of this janky arthritic body /hj




working on a name for my roster of tulpas, perhaps The Orchestra Pit since literally 90% of them are musicians in some way 


bear with me. my hands are cold and i don’t know how to use this website WHEEZE-

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I’m mostly shy oof so uhh-
Hi!! My name is Stabber! It’s nice to meet y’all! I like to do drawings and worldbuildings!

I heard about tulpas on different social medias and got really interested about it! I wanted to learn more about tulpa creations! so yeah!

I’m like new to it so hopefully I can learn more here!🌈

Pure imagination!🌈🩷

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