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Suggestion for Guides Board


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I am Joe Forcer. I need a guide for imposition, so I would like to find a list of guides purely about imposition. However, this is kind of difficult because when I click the guides board, all I see is this.




So my proposition is that we create a section sub-forum of the guides forum for each category and move each approved guide to its appropriate section. I know we already have threads like The Great Big List of Guides, but I think this would be better (although it would be more work.)


What do you guys think?

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Yeah, that was something I was thinking as well, but it would be like emulating what DreamViews does with their forums and sub-forums. Not that emulation is a bad thing, it's just that if that was the case, people would have to make guides catered to only that specific sub-forum.


Most guide submissions have some element of other categories in them, and if something like a [General] leaned more into imposition, but still covered other concepts, it would raise the question on where it should probably be placed. That would require GAT members to think a bit more rather than the steadfast rating we've been doing for quite some time (excluding the longer guide submissions of course).


Which means people would have to get used to actually giving a detailed critique (not a half-assed review) as to why a certain guide submission should be placed in that particular sub-forum. Surprise, surprise, who would've thought that actually reading through guide submissions and pointing out to the guide submission maker of what areas that critic had concerns with instead of just saying "oh you have grammar errors, but I'm not going to point them out hur dur."


And imagine for a moment of having to create sub-forums for both Guides, Tips & Tricks, and Resources...it would just be a shitty mess altogether to be honest with you. And yes, you made the thread for Guides Board, but then it would have to be applied for other sections.


And with how we had 2 GAT members off, one that's on a hiatus and the other is implied to not really come back, it would just add more problems with getting a more precise consensus on where to shift them.


Of course, this is implying that the guide submissions that don't have neon lights radiating with "This is clearly a freaking imposition guide."

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By your own admission we have the List of Guides, so actually a list of guides purely about imposition is readily available already:



What's more, Joe Forcer can use the tag system and search designed specifically for this purpose, à la


which returns everything tagged with [imposition] (soon to be every imposition guide).


So I'm not sure why you want yet another way of getting this list.

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You can now filter by prefix by clicking the prefix when viewing the thread.


For example, if you click [Forcing] in this board:


You'd end up with:



An image in a signature behind a hidden tag! 



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I take it this only works with the new themes?

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