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Types of Passive Forcing

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Okay, so this is a pretty basic question, but I have no idea what the answer is. I know the two types of forcing are active and passive. Active forcing is possession, proxying, doing stuff. But all passive forcing seems to be is just narration. Are there any other types of passive forcing?

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This can be summed up by essentially anything you do in which you are interacting with your tulpa directly, but not necessarily making it the primary thing you are doing is passive forcing. Talking, sitting near them, cuddling, et cetera. Casual stuff.

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I also feel then when I passive force its more just narrating, I mean I guess sometimes when your walking, siting or doing anything you can just think of your tulpa being there, with you, maybe thats working on the tulpas form, I dont know really, then again im sill working on mine ^.^

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Yes, for the most part, passive forcing is mostly encompassed by narration. However, there are other things that people do that would qualify as passive forcing, such as imagining them being near you, passive imposition, and passively trying to feel their presence and such. These are just the things that are off the top of my head.

It's pretty easy to tell whether something is forcing at all or not, and after that you must simply determine whether it's active. If it's not, then it is passive forcing.

but yeah, it seems these days people just mean narration


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I classify active forcing as lying down and closing my eyes and slipping into a sleep-like state and interact with my tulpas in the Wonderland. Passive forcing is something like interacting with your tulpa while not in this state, such as seeing them walk next to you, talking to them casually, etc. etc.

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