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Hi guys.


I've been following this forum for... geez, it would be months now. And I posed a question when I first joined about Tulpas. Anyway, over this time, i've been giving this some serious thought. I'm talking like conspiracy theory level thought. I think that I have decided that I want to try. The thing is, I don't know if I am 'fit' to look after a Tulpa. So i'm going to give you a no holds barred access to my personality, and if you could, I would like a little feedback. Here we go:


I'm 18, currently unemployed (Applied for the army but failed the pysche test. Not fit to shoot people (Apparently too much empathy)) Now I am looking to get a job ANYWHERE. I live with my parents who work away I am alone for about 3 and a half weeks in a month. I have trouble commiting to things (or at least I did when I was in school) I feel like I can't live up to my parents expectations and overall, I feel like this is possibly the worse point in my life so far. I enjoy playing video games (I'm sure it's because I get a sense of achievement I can't get anywhere else). I got picked on a lot in middle school and a bit in high school, as such I have confidence issues and problems with identifying my self worth.


Anyway, thats about all of the relevant stuff. I'm laying myself bare

for you to judge at will. I just don't know if i'm suitable for a long term commitment like this. Anywho, any help would be very grateful. Thankyou.


Drew. :D

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Do it if you can keep at it! My host has lazy tendencies but it doesn't matter as long as you keep at it. It might take you little longer (for me and my host, over a year,) but slow progress is still progress. Just don't get too discouraged. Remember that the Tibetan monks would spend YEARS at the tulpa-making process. Nowadays it's common to see results in months or weeks, even.


Don't sweat it. You should be fine.

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Guest amber5885

First of all thank you for sharing all of that with us, I can't imagine that it was easy to disclose all that with confidence.


That being said, personally I think you will be fine to create a tulpa, only you can decide for yourself of you are ready.


I'll tell you something about me that might help.


I have had Toby as an imaginary friend since I was a child, something I was embarrassed to admit when I became an adult but it is what it is. After discovering tulpas I decided that I might try to give him sentience, and I was in a dark place when I did it.


To be brutally honest I wa suicidally depressed. After Toby became vocal, which didn't take long he became giving me advice, helpin me to deal with some past issues and is still helping me to get past what was bothering me.


Since he has become sentient, and it's only been about a week I've noticed that my mood I stable, I'm not suicidal anymore and I haven't even felt sad since he "woke up". I'm having an easier time controlling my temper an I swear to god I haven't even felt like I've had a bad day since, he always finds some way to cheer me up.


I'm not the only one with a story like this.


Tulpas help their hosts in so so many different ways and I can't stress how much having Toby around has changed my life in such a short time.


Don't worry, do it! You won't regret it! And if you do I will give you my next paycheck!

We actually had a very long conversation yesterday about where I am in my life and where I want to be and Toby gave me some amazing advice so I can only imagine that your tulpa will help you to figure out how to change yoursel for the better as well.


Read the posts here, ask around and anyone will tell you that having them is really a life altering experience.

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Alright, so your saying that making a tulpa may even be beneficial for me? Also, I have read over Kiahdaj's guide and I'm king of at a loss. I'm still on the fence, but for future reference. I have no restrictions on what I want my tulpa's personality, to be, or form for that matter. My the only thing I would like is for her to be female, in voice. (I generally get along with females better). That's it. This problem is probably worth it's own post, but to kill two birds, how the hell do I start 'forcing' when I have no idea what i'm forcing about. I just don't want to be a dick by saying "You must be like this, this tall and green eyes! What's this!? Deviation!? Oh no you don't *smack*" Well, you get the picture. Any tips?

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Just begin talking to your tulpa in your head throughout the day. Believe she is there and just keep talking to her. It doesn't matter what you talk about as long as you keep talking. This is narration / passive forcing and is most of what I did.


Also, it's usually suggested to read a bunch of guides, since different things will work better for different people.

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Don't let "no restrictions on personality" keep you from giving any personality whatsoever. A tulpa (usually..) won't spontaneously appear, you're (usually) very involved in the creation process.

At least at the beginning, before your tulpa is really sentient, you're not forcing onto them personality/appearance/traits so much as giving a base. With that base they'll be able to more solidly exist in your mind, and at that point they can decide for themselves how they want to be portrayed.


A really important thing in creating a tulpa however is to know what you want them to be, to you. More than personality, they have to have a purpose. Some people make tulpas just because it seems interesting or they're experimenting, but I'm pretty sure the most common reason is simply they want someone to share their lives with. Be it to actually help you, or just to be around and enjoy things together, you should try and keep in mind why you're making a tulpa. It helps with the motivation, and having a reason for existing may help with a tulpa's self-esteem. The reason itself doesn't have to be amazing, just "Tulpas seem like an interesting concept and I'd like to make my own to see what it's like" is fine if that's all the reason you have. But personally, I feel like creating a tulpa so you can make each other happy is the best reason.

Since you say this seems like a crappy point in your life, take Amber as proof that tulpas can actually help improve your life. At the least, I don't see how having a tulpa could make your life any worse. My tulpa certainly improved my life in a similar way to Amber's, though she was created spontaneously(apparently it does happen) by my mind when I was very depressed to help me enjoy my life again. That's always been her "reason for existing", and it's definitely helped her maintain a presence in my life, as I also have commitment problems. I've forgotten to pay her attention for weeks or even months at a time in the past, but she's always been there when I needed the support.


So yes. Definitely potential for benefit. Very little possibility to make your life worse, typically that would require some particularly bad mental issues like schizophrenia to even be plausible.

At worst you feel bad for not applying as much effort as you feel you should, or forgetting to pay them attention. My tulpas understand that it happens though, I feel like most would.

Aaand as for actual advice on creating tulpas, definitely what Sakura said, read through the guides on the site and see what works for you. There's far too much to tell you directly.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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Alright, thank you all. I think I have decided to start. I don't expect results in weeeks or even months, but i'll get there. I'm going to prove to myself that this is something that I can commit to. I will also read more guides. I want to do the best possible job I can. Thankyou all for your help/opinions. I thin ki've got a name aswell: Sera :D

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Let me tell you something that you might not have considered - personality traits can be quite expansive in some tulpas. For example, my own include : "large vocabulary, secretary, sunny disposition, ambassador plenipotentiary, and compassionate". So, just to say, it doesn't hurt to include a few ideas on what you would like so your tulpa has something to work with o.k.?

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TL;DR at the bottom.


Thanks for giving us some information about you, OP.


Although it’s kind of difficult for me to really believe people can objectively judge you, I’ll just interpret the question for subjectivity. If there’s anything in your post that you should take advantage of is that you apparently have too much empathy. That would imply in having behaviors where you would be thoughtful of another person, and maybe be able to vicariously understand them, and that can go in all sorts of directions.


If you’re wanting to know if you’re “fit,” “competent,” “good,” and/or “prepared” enough to make a tulpa, my blunt and honest answer is YES. What I’ve seen in the past with people wondering if they’re capable enough to make a tulpa, and actually commit to living with them for as long as they (the host) lives, they often engage in some form of existential thinking. In other words, they reflect about things in their life, and end up creating their own subjective meanings of what it is to be this, or that kind of individual, and how they can cope with their lives in general.


You don’t have to be the best conversationalist, or have cognition so great that you’d make Tibetan Buddhists’ look like amateurs because if that was a requirement, probably not a lot of people would be doing this in the first place. It would end up with the person having delusions of grandeur into thinking they really do have those qualities (and I mean to the point of bragging about it), or they try, but end up feeling insecure, and having a sense of inadequacy all the time.


Going back to the existential thing, I remember having a lucid dream where I talked to Eva about existentialism, but I didn’t know what I was saying mostly. Or at least I heard what I was saying, but it was information where I didn’t feel like I planned it out. It just came by naturally, and Eva ended up just being someone I could talk because all she did in that dream was listen to me. Over time, I felt that my approach in handling with tulpas is to first get into existentialism, and finding ways to cope with life with them along with creating subjective meaning for the sake of personal significance between both of them.


I feel it’s something a lot of people do in the tulpa journey, but I never seen the term existentialism being discussed a lot here. So if you see people that feel there are inherent attributes and qualities needed for tulpas, especially when the whole concept is filled with subjectivity, just take their advice with a grain of salt. What we feel is right or wrong is clearly subjective, and there’s a lot of gray area instead of a black-and-white perspective on this.


As for the part on video games, and how it gives you a sense of accomplishment, maybe that could contribute to developing competency of being vicarious and more empathetic when creating and interacting with a tulpa. What I’m getting at is that people have several reasons for playing video games, but I know there’s one theory of people who play them for a sense of autonomy, i.e., knowing their actions and decisions affect the outcome of them, and people around them. It could be a good thing to consider when wanting a tulpa, but I’d see it as something supplementary. If there’s anything you want to really consider is try not to undermine your ability to reciprocate positively and to the best of your abilities like you would to anyone else you meet.


Getting into philosophical and deep thinking with our tulpas can probably be hard if you’re still trying to find some means of communication with them. But something to give some thought is that despite of that, try to imagine how it would feel to be able to do something like that, and maybe that strive will naturally bleed into other breakthroughs. In other words, just like how you emphasized on having too much empathy, use that to imagine what it would be like in being able to talk with your tulpa, and having discussions that end up changing how you view and live out your quotidian/daily life.


And if you’re questioning about self-esteem, worth, etc., I feel that despite of whatever upbringing a person has, there’s always potential for them to evolve from that. You don’t have to have the perfect upbringing where you had high moral support to be the best person you can be. Sometimes, people find a new and positive direction from the worst point(s) in their lives. It’s not really surprising to see people have tulpas, or intend to create them (with other underlying reasons) that can help them sort out with existential strife, and other forms of tribulations and adversities.


It’s really about how you react and reflecting on what you experience and learn through them and others is what will really give your personal and subjective resolve just like an existentialist would do despite not knowing if there’s really inherent meaning and purpose in life. Ever since I created mine, I’ve learned so much through them, and other thought-forms in my dreams, and I don’t think I’ll ever be finished understanding who I am, and who they are. But it doesn’t really intimidate me because being able to engage in the progressive learning curve with them for self-actualization, and all that is part of many reasons why I did this in the first place.




I will admit that the experience will probably be a struggle at times, and sometimes your own emotions makes you react in a way that makes you think in a negative manner that leads into unnecessary strife and angst. In other words, sometimes how you react, and your own beliefs in this can be your greatest, or worst enemy. But if you take some time to reflect on what you want to do with your life, and take advantage of your ability to be empathetic, and imagining what it would be like in having a tulpa that can help you with all sorts of strife and angst (e.g. existential), you’ll find your own silver linings, and breakthroughs that can contribute to whatever underlying reason(s) you had for creating a tulpa in the first place.


If creating a tulpa for the sake of dealing with overcoming adversities in some way, and creating subjective meaning for personal significance with them, and then some was your reason for making one, then I honestly see no reason for you to feel you need to be judged objectively on how to live your life with them. It would just lead to dogmatism on morality and ethics on tulpas.

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Nobillis- Thanks for that, I will keep it in my mind :D


Linkzelda- Wow. That was. Thankyou. I appreciate how much time you took to factor me into the equation. What i'm getting is that it I have a high possiblity of benefitting from this whole experience.


However, I do have a few fears about it still. First off, how easy is it to continue to have a social life with this extra 'person' in your life? I mean right now, i'm alone, but when I move, I should be able to have a few more friends. Second, Jealousy. Obviously I can't spend every waking moment them, and also, if I end up with a partner, how does that work out? Can anyone talk from experience? Thirdly, I have alot of personal fears that don't make sense to a lot of other people, i'm just scared if my Tulpa taking a form that I find scary, which sort of links to my fourth and final, Is there a connection to "Tulpamancing" and lucid dreams ie. does one influence the other. Because i've heard that people who lucid have more experiences with "sleep-paralysis", and that is one thing I definitly want to stay away from.


Anyway, thankyou for all your replies. :D

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