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Bronies, and...war? .3.

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Alright I have a few questions. They are going to be unrelated.


First, why are so many Bronies making Tulpas? I myself am a Brony, but I'd like to understand the reasonings of why other bronies do it.


Now I keep worrying for my own Tulpa. Reason why is, I have a bit of a bloodthirsty side of my mind. I basically like visualizing medieval fighting and such, with me (of course) being one of the baddest soldiers on the field. (Baddest meaning best and most brutal) Now these visualizations, I don't involve my Tulpa in because it would be hard to concentrate on her. However, I have found that she sometimes appears in these battles fighting alongside me.


This is strange because she isn't really an aggressive or bloodthirsty type of person. (Basically I gave her traits to help counterbalance my own. If I get angry, basically she could calm me down. Not so the case with my bloodthirsty side, I think) Now I never can make out her expression while she is fighting alongside me and watching my back. It just never comes into focus even if I try to focus on her face.


Will she somehow become very warlike because of these occassional visualizations I have? (These are more like a fantasy entertainment thing for me, but I don't want these visualizations to... corrupt my Tulpa or turn her bloodthirsty. I would like to keep her nice and sweet.) So is this a problem or is it okay?

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If I remember correctly, the first time I saw anything about tulpas was on /mlp on 4chan, so that's probably why a lot of bronies make them. That was a few years ago though, so things may have changed since then.


As for the visualizations and their effects on your tulpa, I wouldn't worry too much about it. She is most likely trying out things to see if she likes them, including things like that. It actually sounds like she's just trying to protect you though, so maybe explaining that there's really no danger would help? It may even be a way for her to bond with you, kind of like the "friends forged in fire" cliche.


Even if she does end up developing a temper, it doesn't mean she'll lose the ability to be your voice of reason. Aura has a temper that's almost worse than mine (impressive considering my bipolar), but we rarely get angry about the same things. I seriously doubt that you could accidentally "corrupt" her in any case, especially if she is sentient enough to jump into those fantasies uninvited.


Hope this helps!


P.S. Aura says that if you or your tulpa has any questions, feel free to PM us. I can let her type up an answer, and can usually add some to it myself.

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  • Alexandra David-Neel wrote Magic & Mystery in Tibet (a.k.a. With Mystics & Magicians in Tibet) in 1929, bringing the word "tulpa" to the western world for probably the first time.
  • In the 1970s, a few people wrote about tulpas, but pretty much everyone who wrote about the concept got it from David-Neel.
  • The revised edition of The Mothman Prophecies in 2001 mentioned tulpas (the original version did not), sparking modern interest in tulpas, and discussion on the internet, in paranormal communities.
  • In 2009, tulpas began to take off in 4chan's paranormal board, /x/. When /x/ got sick of it, the tulpa community moved through several other boards before someone finally introduced it to /mlp/. The bronies really embraced the idea, and to this day represent a large part of our community.


Why bronies? If I were to speculate, I'd say it's sex. I mean, I know many bronies are not sexually attracted to cartoon ponies, but on the other hand, I think it's still the largest community of people ever to exist that is sexually attracted to something that does not actually exist.

Don't split hairs -- we all know Fluttershy has virtually nothing in common with real horses, beyond some minor superficial similarity.

And tulpas allow cartoon ponies to exist.

"Some things have to be believed to be seen." - Ralph Hodgson

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Well I am a brony but I didn't make pony tulpas. I'm also a furry and didn't make furry tulpas. I've been also wondering why tulpas are so popular in the brony community and I think Sushi's explanation makes alot of sense.

As for the war part, I wouldn't worry too much. Although if you believe it can affect them, it probably might(still, a small chance), because you'll be focusing on that while visualizing the fights and such. But if you think of it as a game or roleplay, it should all be fine. I personally do alot of wonderland fighting with my tulpas. When we want to fight the "bad guys", we spawn a bunch of hearthless monsters. When we spar, nobody actually gets injured. It works kind of like in SAO, if you watched it - a blade passes right through the body, leaving just a digital-ish trail that disappears after a while.

So as long as you and your tulpa know those are just mobs and threat it like a roleplay game, you will be alright. I'd also recommend not doing those fights to let go off your anger, because you'll probably be putting alot of emotion into it. And whenever powerful emotions are involved, there's a higher chance for it to have a permanent effect. That's why you should focus on positive emotions while forcing.


Just to be clear though, it doesn't mean this even CAN have a negative effect on your tulpa whatsoever, we don't know this. So don't freak out if you've been doing this out of anger and whatnot, ok? But you can follow my advice if you want to be extra sure.

"Tulpamancy? It's a way of life.

More than one..."

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there are dozens of threads about why bronies make tulpas. just a simple search will give you some answers you're looking for.


your visualizations won't affect your tulpa as long as your aren't forcing her to fight or anything. in the beginning, my tulpa would join in on my daydreams so she could spend time with me and we had something to enjoy together. let it be a fun time.



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