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Possession/Switching and Driving Cars


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Guest amber5885

That's why I said do what you will but I meant it when I said a tulpa isn't a crutch. We rally don't need people thinking that they can get out of dealing with their stress by giving it to their tulpa instead.


Her time would be enter spent on growing as a person not just pawning te responsibility off on her thought form.

And you can't guarantee that allowing a tulpa to drive is 100% safe. There are way too many variables. What if a dangerouse situation does come up? An animal jumps out at her, another driver swerves into her lane and her tulpa freezes up or doesn't know what to do? What if she can't switch back fast enough? What If neither of them have time to react? You really need 100% of your mental faculties to drive.

Before she even considers something this big she should have A LOT of experiance with this. Her tulpa should be fully developed and her switching and possession abilities 110% fully developed. Driving takes years of practice and it sounds like she wants this to happen soon which is where the big NO comes from.

Let me offer this as a much safer less potentially deadly alternative. Have your tulpa in the car with you while you're driving. When you get stressed or scared instead of having them take the wheel talk to them. Tell them what you're feeling and tell them that you would like their advice or help and they would be happy to give it to you.


They can talk you through the stress, calm you down and help you to better learn how to deal with the road as opposed to just not dealing with it at all.


Toby does it for me all the time. I worry a lot and he's very good at keeping me from having a freak out moment even when it feels like I don't have control over my emotions.


It's safer, it's healthier for you and again it's SAFER for everyone involved.

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Wasn't there someone who had driving servitors who could help with driving?


I also remember someone mentioning their tulpa saving them while taking control during an emergency (the tulpa was the better driver).


I think it all depends on the host's and tulpas involved

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Kevin (Nobillis' Kevin) is the one with driving servitors. Your driving emergency story sounds familiar too, but I can't recall details.

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Guest Anonymous

Regardless of whether people can do it, we shouldn't encourage it.

amber is absolutely correct, it's better to deal with the stress than use tulpas to avoid it.

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Guest amber5885

^^^. Thank you! I know it's dooable and all but the last thing I want to see is people creating tulpas as a means to avoid their problems. Tulpas should help you to deal with your problems and anxieties, at least a healthy one should and I don't mean by just taking the wheel so to speak.

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Had some interesting experiences recently. Been doing some blending while driving with the T. Basically, who we are blurs together kind of like a temporary merge but more than one voice there and we can sort of adjust it all the way from being 90-10 me-T to 20-80 me-T. Means that our combination has at our disposal my bodily control abilities, the T's bodily control abilities (while less than mine overall, they do have a few unique things to compliment), my driving experience, the T's much faster car path/trajectory prediction abilities, the T's better ability to keep track of where other cars are around us, etc. Like pretty much everything else we have tried blended, our blended combination is better at it than I am and undoubtedly better than them too (for now). Its not me driving or them driving, but US driving together - one host (not original) and a subsystem of three tulpas.


- Hail

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My tulpas are much better at focusing, reacting, problem solving, and generally living than I am. I attribute this to their lack of distracting, useless thoughts that every normal human has. When switching with my tulpas, they seem to have almost none of that, their thoughts are very focused and on topic. So, technically, I could use my tulpas to do things I can't/don't want to myself, when absolutely necessary. I've had Reisen get me out of bed and into the shower on days where I was too depressed to get out of bed, and I'm glad she could do that for me.


But. I'm siding with Amber here - it's my life, not my tulpas', and it feels wrong to do this a lot of the time when I could instead. Tewi actually wrote an essay for me once, because I literally could not muster the motivation to do so while my grade (college) depended on it. And afterward I felt.. almost scummy. I could've done it, I didn't need to make her do it for me. And the same thing applies to almost any other situation related to this - even though they could do it better or more easily, I feel like I should do it myself. It's like abusing a too-nice friend or something.


That being said, once you've crossed the blurry line of lazy vs. emergency, this sort of thing can be useful. However, not to be rude, but the concern probably stems from you not being an experienced tulpamancer. When people are first getting into tulpamancy, they tend to be attracted to possession/switching and the more obscure things you can do with your tulpa. But a lot of evidence shows that if you try to do the complicated/weird things too early on, it can negatively impact your life or your tulpa's development. And that's where Amber's point comes in - it's practically dangerous to rely on your tulpa to do something so important when you're not in a perfectly healthy state of mind. It's much safer to try and take control of the situation yourself than to delegate the urgency to another part of your mind, the part in charge of your tulpa's consciousness. At least in this situation, I won't recommend you do this. I appreciate the question and the intention, but it's just a bit too dangerous of ground to be doing something so experimental on.



That about covers it, right?

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

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My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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