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I know but I don't feel like saying "the long-ass survey for tulpas with a stylometric test at the end."

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I was taking a test on the computer in the living room, because I'm homeschooled. My stepdad was eating in the same room and intentionally acting obnoxious. I got my phone and turned on a "Sonic Weapon: Ultra High Frequency Pain Generator" from Youtube.


Sadly, I don't think he could hear it. It just ended up annoying me while I was taking the test.

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Cool pic Luxi. I wasn't sure what those were on the head. 


Yeah, my plan kinda backfired. 


Funny story:


In fourth grade I drew a picture of a leopard eating a child alive with their mother begging for it to stop. I showed it to the substitute teacher and she stole it from me. Later, she called a meeting. She showed copies she had made to my parents, teachers, and counselors.


I didn't get in any trouble though, since the substitute was the only one surprised that I would draw that.

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What's the name of a magic disguise that pixies (I think) use in stories that makes them appear human? I know there was a name for it but we can't remember....

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