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A money loving corporation, or a game that fuels imagination. 


I don't have much reputation, only a fascination with the sword, but I swore that one day, Ray and I would soar to the stars and make them stop short when they see our battle scars, from years of experience on both sides, fighting with one reason why.




There's just us, confront us and we'll crush you. 


We're traitors amongst you, this is what it had to come to. 


Scared yet? You must be, if you knew me when I was a newbie.

Nah, it's really just a game where you can build stuff and play stuff other people built.

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I'm working on an AI that modifies its code to increase its score. I created a special way for it to create its own code.


It's doing things I don't understand like creating code that I didn't program it to be able to create. That code is working, and I don't know how that's possible o_o

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Scratch is only slow if you're processing data in a list and you have the list open, or if you are processing huge amounts of data and don't have turbo mode on. You can also speed up a script by making a custom block and checking "run without screen refresh".


I've tried many times to learn other languages and always failed at setting them up.

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