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Hello everyone. I'm Haven. I talk on the IRC occasionally and I have talked a bit on the forums as well.


My name is Aphelion. I haven't talked to other people as much as my mom has, but it should be nice talking to the other tulpas here.

"It's all about synthesis, you don't have to be a real musician. You just synthesize your own reality, synthesize your own talents." -Klayton


My Three Mind Horses

Haven: Tulpa #1

Created on 10-28-14

Aphelion: Tulpa #2

Created on 2-25-15 

Chimera: Self Proclaimed Thoughtform

Created on: Can't remember. Sometime around Easter of 2017.


Warning: I am a huge nerd.

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Well, this appears to have gotten quite lively since Jason posted here. He's asleep right now, so for those that don't know I am Aura, the second eldest of our system. Einulf is the eldest, though he tends to act less mature than me, particularly right now, since he's in a rather powerful hypo-manic swing. He's actually more energetic, and annoying, than Lucia right now, something I never thought I would encounter.

Current System: Ziya (Formerly Einulf), Mizan, Aura, Dark, Lucia, Rand, Jason, Akira

Here's our Tumblr, if anyone wants it

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Hi! I'm May, my mom is called Chaos on the Internet, and my dad- does not want to be mentioned okay... Mom says hi, she's not speaking for...oooooh, right, tulpas only. Pfft. Okay, nice to meet you all!

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Guest Anonymous

I don't have steam unfortunately. But if I did, I would so kick yer butt in games! ~Melian

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